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    Best use for last scholarship?

    What type of player should the last scholarship be used for? I think that we could use a grad transfer 3/4 who is athletic, a good shooter and is skilled offensively. Another possibility would be a traditional transfer big man. This wouldn’t help us next year, but would when MSS is gone. All...
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    Selling 4 tickets for VCU @ UR tonight!

    These are not mine, but if you are interested I've got a UR alum friend who is looking to sell his 4 tickets for what he paid for them - $45 each. Call Tom at (804) 339-2085 if interested.
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    Looking for 4 to LaSalle on Jan. 22

    PM or text me at 804-677-2527 if you have 4 tickets together for the LaSalle game that you want to unload.
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    Our Bench

    Minus a little bit of a contribution from Tillman today, we're getting nothing from our bench. Credit UVA...they're really good, but this has gotta be a concern going forward.
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    Need 1 ticket for GW game tonight

    Cancel. I'm good now.
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    Recruiting Antravious Simmons update

    Antravious had 29 and 17 in South Miami's 62-52 win over Braddock on Tuesday. Impressive to have those kind of numbers in a relatively low scoring game. A couple of sites to check on his games and stats:
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    Players Weber = backup PG

    Surprised that this subject has received little mention... I thought that Briante did a decent job running the point against Belmont. IMO, he should become Darius' primary back-up. Based on the limited minutes (12) that Teddy got with Darius out on Saturday, this may have already been...
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    Recruiting JeQuan Lewis update

    From April, but an update nonetheless...
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    Mooney likes the idea of VCU, GMU & Butler in A-10 ... -10/17033/
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    Players Mo Alie Cox update

    21 points for Mo in 89-73 loss on Saturday to Blue Ridge. ... r-1612432/ Results from a couple of other recent games, found on Middleburg's MaxPreps team page... In 78-71 win vs. Miller School on Jan. 7th, Mo had 19 points, 15 rebounds and 5 blocks...
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    Justin Tuoyo update

    Hard to find much on him, but not a good game earlier this week... ... -tie-4-aa/
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    Friday night on ESPNU too?

    Anyone know?
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    BB&T Classic?

    I couldn't find the schedule thread, so I apoligize if this has already been discussed... The GW guys are saying that we're playing them in the BB&T Classic next year. If true, it's too bad that we don't get a shot at Maryland instead.
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    Barrington Alston 6'8" pf 2012 recruit

    Another kid from Christchurch...this one with offers from us, Mason and Delaware. ... ton-106029
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    Casey Carroll 6'8" sf/pf 2011 recruit

    ESPN rates this kid as an 84, 2 star, pf. This Pittsburgh publication says that he's a sf. They also rank him the #1 senior in the area. ... dates.html
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    Kethan Savage 6'3" 2012 recruit
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    Jordan Roper 6'1'' 2012 recruit

    Here's a kid who hasn't been mentioned previously, I believe... ... -1/PSPORTS
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    Our offense is a problem too

    Most are pointing at our defense, rebounding and some intangibles as the main problem with this team. This may be the case, but our offense is not that great either. We rely way too much on the 3 point shot. As of today, we've surpassed 700 3 pointers taken. My guess is that this is most...
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    Not that it would have mattered tonight, but anyone know why Veal wasn't dressed? ...and boy, we're really missing being able to throw Daniels in there these days.
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    Post NU game thoughts

    91 points allowed to Northeastern is ridiculous. They carved us up when we pressed, and turned us over with theirs...kind of ironic. I thought that we really hurt ouselves with some bad shots/possessions when we were up 50-46, 50-48. I don't think we got many transition baskets at...