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  1. rollins77

    The Beat The Orangemen of Syracuse in the Bahamas Thread

    Carolyn was head coach at Purdue and Florida and was the GM of a WNBA team. She's the real deal.
  2. rollins77

    The Official Beat the Vanderbilt Commodores in Nashville Thread

    Five Hason Ward slow-motion blocks + a Vince breakaway dunk + two minutes of Honky Tonk bands from Broadway Street shot on my cell phone Tuesday night. Done.
  3. rollins77

    The Official Beat the Vanderbilt Commodores in Nashville Thread

    Larry's problem was not leaving early. Larry's career was on a pretty solid upward trajectory before he decided to step away.
  4. rollins77

    The Official Beat The Saint Peter's College Peacocks Thread

    I mean, we have a website for stuff like that.
  5. rollins77

    The Season

    Any home game or league road game that is not broadcast on CBSSN or NBCSN (or USA/NBC Universal/Peacock or whatever we're calling it) will be available on ESPN+. That includes St. Peter's Wagner, Chattanooga, etc.
  6. rollins77

    The Season

    Almost all game times are posted, other than a couple of road games: Regional TV info has not been authorized for release yet, but we are pushing for release of that info ASAP. But you can anticipate similar levels of regional/local TV...
  7. rollins77

    The Season

    Every day is selfie stick day.
  8. rollins77

    The Season

    Not sure if it helps, but all those MASN games will be on ESPN+
  9. rollins77

    The Season

    It was the intro video shoot, but close enough.
  10. rollins77

    The Season

    I was holding out for more game times and TV info, but I went ahead an added it. Doesn't include MASN or other regional TV info, as that has not been released yet. Home games not already spoken for by another streaming service (NBCSN/CBSSN) will stream on ESPN+...
  11. rollins77

    The Season

    It does not.
  12. rollins77

    Schedule 2021-22 Schedule

    CBSSN, NBCSN, ESPN networks and NBC Universal. ESPN+ was not included in that number. All games that are not CBSSN or NBCSN/Universal will be available on ESPN+/WatchESPN.
  13. rollins77

    VCU Basketball Supports Our Community

    Corey's official title is assistant academic coordinator.
  14. rollins77

    Welcome Jimmy Nichols!

    Jimmy says one of the reasons he used to wear No. 5 was because Nichols sounds like Nickels, so Double Nickel is fairly appropriate.
  15. rollins77

    VCU Media Mentions

    Needs to flip Jamir and Vince, yes.
  16. rollins77

    The Official Off Season Thread

    If they actually listened to me when it came to schedules we'd play four games at Hawaii and three at UNLV every year.