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    Siegel Center Experience $11 get ins for the game on Vivid tomorrow. Never seen that low for a Saturday game, or any VCU game that I can remember. May as well...
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    The Official Beat the Vanderbilt Commodores in Nashville Thread

    The color commentator. Who did not play in the NBA. Was a running bit on Jim Rome around 2008.
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    The Beat The Wagner College Sea Hawks Thread

    Woof. Attendance looks brutal on tv at tip.
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    Siegel Center Experience

    The war chant was goosebump inducing.
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    Siegel Center Experience

    You won't find any credible experts at this point who think Covid can be eradicated. Even in countries where the vax rate is much higher than ours, they are experiencing surges that equal their worst of the pandemic in terms of case numbers. This thing will be endemic, it is here to stay, that...
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    Siegel Center Experience

    It's never going away, nor is the flu. I'm not wearing a mask forever. Watch games across America in the NBA and NCAA, very few masks. VCU is certainly an outlier. I think it definitely will persuade a lot of people not to come. In general live events are booming like never before. Concerts...
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    Holiday Tournaments for the Next 5 Years

    Where to after Brooklyn, Orlando in 2023?
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    Your ticket-buying strategy now versus previous years

    There’s a difference between having to wear one for your job and paying to wear one during a leisure activity.
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    Your ticket-buying strategy now versus previous years

    I’m not saying whether it’s right or it’s wrong, just that I’ve been to concerts, NBA, and NHL games where they were required both by the venue as well as in cities w indoor mandate, and never saw more than 1/4 of the crowd masked at any of the events. It’s very hard, if not impossible for an...
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    Your ticket-buying strategy now versus previous years

    This is fairly big to me (as someone triple vaxed), I don't have to wear a mask anywhere else except a plane. I don't want to have to pay to wear a mask to be entertained. I highly doubt this is actually enforced much at full capacity however. Havign attended several concerts and sporting events...
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    The Official Off Season Thread

    This thread has gone to heck, JFC people get a grip! Let's enjoy bball, you're not changing minds here, in fact if anything you're making the side you think is wrong dig in even deeper.
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    Nashville/Vanderbilt road trip thread (Wed, 11/17/21)

    All fair points, at this point everyone has to take responsibility for themselves. Luckily, even with the current spike, we are much better equipped to handle surges thanks to the vaccine.
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    Nashville/Vanderbilt road trip thread (Wed, 11/17/21)

    Then you may never be comfortable going to a game, this thing will be here for years, if not forever. Get vaxed and learn to live with it. I myself can't wait to cheer; in Richmond, Bahamas, and DC. Major events are happening in every state at full capacity during what seems to be the month...
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    Schedule 2021-22 Schedule

    No need to play the season, I think I'll take it!
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    Took a peak at next year's draft board and Hason is up to #32 on's Mock Draft.
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    Schedule Roll Call A10 Championship Game Ticketmaster just released a good number of decent seats
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    A10 Tournament Format?

    Not A10 Tourney, but NCAA tourney news; NCAA allowing 25% capacity crowds at tournament games.
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    The Official Beat The Wildcats of Davidson in The Animal thread

    The shaming and judging of people for catching a highly contagious disease that 20M+ have officially tested positive for, and way more have contracted on top of that is an absolute joke. We don’t know how they got it, and it’s none of our business.