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  1. PuddinDaStunna

    6 for Free VSU Exhibition Sec 7/Row J

    First to PM me who wants all 6, can send via email. Must take all 6.
  2. PuddinDaStunna

    2 Floor Seats for Friday Session in Brooklyn

    Section 25 (near Center Court), Row D (2nd row floor seats) $75 ea. Face value is $135 each. Can do mobile transfer.
  3. PuddinDaStunna

    2 Free UVA-Wise Tickets, Center Court Sec 24/Row M

    Can send via email, goes to first response
  4. PuddinDaStunna

    Courtside Row A, A10 Tourney Books

    Bought these during the American Express sale to sell to other Ram fans. Asking face of $285 per book. Section 12, Row A. Doesn't get better. I will be there the whole week. Can't wait.
  5. PuddinDaStunna

    Need 4 for Bonnie's Game Today

    Would like to get my nieces to their first VCU game today. Let me know. Lets fill the Stu.
  6. PuddinDaStunna

    One Additional Pair VCU @ Richmond Tickets

    Had a buyer back out and have 2 tickets left at $55 each. These are PDF tickets I can email you. These won't last.
  7. PuddinDaStunna

    Up to 8 Tickets @Richmond $55 ea

    Had 4 open back up PM me. Going to bed now but will check PMs in AM. Go Rams! Let's fill up the Robins Center with Black and Gold!
  8. PuddinDaStunna

    4 VCU-FSU Tickets (Atlanta) Center Court Lower Level

    I have 4 tickets in Sec 115, Row A, $40 each. Can be emailed. Will sell as pairs or a 4 pack. Thanks
  9. PuddinDaStunna

    5 Reserved ODU Tickets $45 Ea

    Have 5 for ODU on Sat in 35/T. Will sell as pairs, 3 packs, or all 5 together. Can meet in the Fan any day this week. Thanks
  10. PuddinDaStunna

    A10 Tickets Sec 7, Row 2 and Sec 8 Row 10

    These are great seats right behind the bench, right where Spike sits. Asking $75 a ticket per session or $350 for the entire tournament. Will break into individual sessions as well.
  11. PuddinDaStunna

    2 Tickets for Tonight's Game + Parking Pass $25 ea

    Sec 27, Row H. With a Harrison St deck parking pass. Will be pregaming in the Fan at around 4, can meet exchange for tickets around then.
  12. PuddinDaStunna

    4 SRO for UVA $75 Ea/1 Single Reserved $85

    I have 4 SRO tickets for the game Saturday available for $75 each. I also have a single available for $85 in sec 27, Row H.
  13. PuddinDaStunna

    4 UVA Tickets SRO $125 Each

    These will go fast. You're saving $50 each over buying them on Stubhub. Can meet any time this week in the Fan. Also have a single ticket in Section 27, Row H for $125. Want to keep these out of the hands of UVA fans.
  14. PuddinDaStunna

    Ticket Transfer Option for Season Tickets

    This option is still down on the ticketing website. Has anyone spoken with the ticket office about this?
  15. PuddinDaStunna

    2 Tickets for Navy Veterans Classic

    Section N, Row 12. $60 each. Can meet in the Fan this week or before the game in Annapolis. Thanks
  16. PuddinDaStunna

    4 Tickets Section N, Row 12 for Tenn/Veterans Classic

    $70 each. Can meet this week in the Fan.
  17. PuddinDaStunna

    4 Tickets for Veterans Classic @ Navy

    I have two tickets in sec Z row 19, will sell for $70 each. PM me, let's fill this place with Ram fans.
  18. PuddinDaStunna

    Saturday A10 Tourney Sec 7 Row 4 (Behind VCU Bench)

    Have 4 tickets here. Paid $500 for them, will sell the 4 for $400 to Ram fans only.
  19. PuddinDaStunna

    2 A10 Tourney Booklets Sec. 123

    123, Row 9. Available for pickup in Richmond. Selling for face value of $200.
  20. PuddinDaStunna

    1 Ticket for @ UR Available $40

    Sec 21, Row N. Available. Can meet in the Fan today or tomorrow.