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    Bronx Rams

    Came across this article. Interesting read. He kind of bashes VCU fans. But he has a very interesting take on Fordham's A-10 history.
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    walk up ticket purchases for Rider

    Oh wise ones, what are odds of walking up to the ticket office and getting two tickets for the Rider game Sunday? VCU on-line has 2 @ $25 plus fees. Just curious if the walk up would work? Thanks
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    College Baseball Tech

    I found this article very interesting
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    2015-2016 rule changes and effects

    OK, I have been waiting for this type analysis. Watching players get a foul for breathing on the perimeter :lol:, touching a jersey :lol: etc, etc :lol: I understand the reasons. Are the changes working? read this...
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    2015-2016 rules changes

    OK, some rules people need to step up and explain what I'm seeing this year. I see a player drive, touch the opponent jersey and gets a foul. have we gone back to pee-wee ball? wtf? can you get a foul by touching? wtf?
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    2015 Black & Gold Golf Classic

    2015 Black & Gold Golf Classic, sponsored by VCU Medical Center Mar 26, 2015 Flyer and Registration Form The VCU Athletic Department will be hosting the 2015 Black & Gold Golf Outing sponsored by the VCU Medical Center on Friday, June 5 at Hunting Hawk Golf Club. All proceeds will benefit...
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    Feed More NCAA bracket

    heard about this yesterday on Greg's show on espn950. sign up starts on 3/9. Midas of Richmond will donate $10 for each entry to Feed More of Richmond. A worthy cause just to pick a NCAA bracket. The majority of you are already playing some kind of bracket...
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    Former coaches

    short list off the top of my head to get this thread started Capel- AC Duke Grant - HC Alabama Brannen- AC Alabama Pujol- AC Alabama Jones- HC Radford Wade- HC Chattanooga Christian- HC Mount St Mary's so you VCU history buffs, fill it out. :D
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    The Darius Theus thread

    D is getting some minutes
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    Storming the court thread

    with Coach K's statements in C-ville last night, talking heads are all over this topic. I have to agree with the coach. Security and safety of all the people is the primary goal. His statements are spot on. I can understand students storming in a conference tourney final victory. been...
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    Beat St Joe's thread

    never too soon, especially when this pops up :D we need a big welcome for #21 at the Stu next month :lol: "When St. Joseph's forward Halil Kanacevic sank a tie-breaking 3-pointer midway through the second half on Tuesday night, he celebrated with both middle fingers raised in the direction...
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    Yahoo Sports

    a little humor. just noticed on Yahoo "VCU Rams 29-7 (15-3), 2nd Atlantic 10" do what? 2nd Atlantic 10? :lol:
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    ODU gone from the CAA 2013 Old Dominion University President John R. Broderick on Thursday said in a public letter that the school was not “actively seeking” a change in NCAA classification or conference affiliation, but...
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    Drexel wins NIT opener

    :D "Frantz Massenat had 18 points and 14 assists, and Chris Fouch scored 19, as Drexel (28-6) shook off its weekend disappointment and trounced Central Florida, 81-56, in the first round of the NIT. “We still have a chance to prove to the world that we’re a good team,” Fouch said. “We still...
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    CAA Tourney brackets

    Virginia 529 CAA Men's Basketball Championship March 2-5, 2012 - Richmond Coliseum - Richmond, Va. Friday, March 2 G1 - #8 James Madison vs. #9 UNCW - Noon G2 - #5 Delaware vs. #12 Towson - 2:30 p.m. G3 - #7 Northeastern vs. #10 William & Mary - 6 p.m. G4 - #6 Georgia State vs. #11 Hosftra -...
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    The Official VCU Golf thread

    RAMS EARN VICTORY IN FINAL DAY OF THE MATCH PLAY ORLANDO, Fla. – Junior Marc Dobias (Lausanne, Switzerland) sophomore Rocky Khara (Sebring, Fla.) finished perfect for the tournament, winning their third matches in two days, to lead Virginia Commonwealth University to a 4-2 win over Villanova...
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    Coach Grant at Bama

    wow, he has his hands full down there. ... -starters/ "Alabama basketball was plagued with further suspensions Friday night, as head coach Anthony Grant suspended three starters: sophomore point guard Trevor Releford, senior forward JaMychal Green and...
  18. 83VCU projections

    interesting projections on the CAA ...... Win Conf Win Tourn Drexel 60.9% 26.3% VCU 20.9% 31.7% Geo Mason 8.9% 15.9% Old Dominion 9.3% 10.1% Georgia St 0.0% 11.4%
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    W&M game-- fouls

    W&M total fouls 28. of the players that played, they average 18 per game. so that's + 10 VCU total fouls 23. of the players that played, they average 16.9 per game so that's +6 ( rounded) only one player had zero fouls--- Reddic, everybody else that stepped on the floor got a whistle :lol...
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    1 frozen moment :lol: :lol: