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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    If Larry made it to the next extension or contract, he probably would have made that on that contract alone.
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    The “Official” Beat the La Salle Smoke Machines in Philly Thread

    The option to watch on espn+ had just completely gone away for me.
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    Who are the Rams Rivals?

    Recently the biggest rival has to be COVID-19. They are responsible for kicking us out of the tournament and constantly make us look like we aren't even showing up on court.
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    The "Official" Beat the Dayton Fayers in Ohio Thread

    This is what drives me crazy when people complain about foul/free throw disparity. As if there are no other variables associated with that stat and that it needs to trend to even. Teams that are more physical and aggressive defensively will tend to have more fouls when matched up against a team...
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    Tillman gets 10-day contract with Atlanta Hawks

    Oh man been with the team for a day and already people are falling for the coaches head.
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    Need help- Looking for a Jersey

    That’s funny. One of Mo’s teammates, I think Jack Doyle, must have bought it from the site because Mo posted on Instagram about him getting a bootleg jersey with that same problem.
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    The Official Beat The Mocs of UT - Chattanooga in the Stu Thread

    Any team is capable of winning 1 or 2 games in the dance if everything clicks for them at that time. However, it is extremely unlikely that this Chattanooga team will win 1 or 2 games in the dance. First they will have to win their tournament to get in which hasn’t happened in 5 years.
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    Your ticket-buying strategy now versus previous years

    Sadly this is very true. We haven't had a true "sell out" in such a long time. Covid gives the AD an easy excuse to why it ended and no longer have to put up the charade that has been the past few years. I expect that we can get back to where we were but there are quite a few gaps that need to...
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    It is still early to really judge Bones. He definitely has a chance but Larry was just starting to really reach his potential when he left the game. If he had continued on that trajectory then he really could have been an All-Star.
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    In the NBA a good coach wins games. If you are in win now mode, which the Nuggets are, then there will be less focus on throwing a rookie in key moments to see what he can do. In the franchises mind they have years to develop him. Any PT is special and will help Bones. He just needs to make sure...
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    I feel like there are too many people who are new here. There is always a blame game and poop being thrown toward teams that sign a VCU pro player. Either it’s “The QB is trash”, or “this guy can’t coach”, or “obviously this veteran who has been playing against the likes of CP3 and Kyrie Irving...
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    What’s YOUR expectation for the season?

    We should bring back a different former player each week to really up the quality of competition our guys face.
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    Players Marcus Santos-Silva announces departure from VCU

    People are always mad when they are the one broken up with. I guess it just sticks with them much longer than I would expect. This thread is typically how I know MSS had a bad game as it will shoot up to the top of the board and then people will regurgitate the same stale insults.
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    Schedule Full 2021-2022 Schedule Announced!

    Really going to need to make a splash in the bahamas.
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    NIL deals that support our current players?

    Yes it has always been permitted as long as the work is performed at an amount comparable to the going rate in that area for similar services. Granted jobs also take time which often athletes don’t have a lot of.
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    NIL deals that support our current players?

    Student athletes could always work jobs. However they had to be paid the going wage for that position.
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    NIL deals that support our current players?

    Why clean the pool for the booster when you could just have that booster pay you 10k to be the face of their ramnation profile pic. Disclaimer: I did not pay Gerard Smith for mine as that was prior to NIL.
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    News News About RAMS In The Pros

    My guess is he will hint at coming back to basketball and then not do it. Similar to every year. Larry is living his best life and I dont think the schedule of the NBA will of much interest to him.
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    Players Alphonzo Billups is a VCU Ram!

    This might be the most excited I’ve been about a recruit. The future is looking pretty good.
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    Former Recruits and Players

    Luckily our home schedules are typically against powerhouses like NC A&T and Western Carolina. Lets face it, nonconference games for good teams typically trend toward cupcakes outside of neutral site games.