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    Stockard has great post moves

    Stockard doesnt appear to as loved by the fan base as some of the other bigs. However, he truly has the best post moves of all that guys on the roster. Tonights game against ODU he demonstrated that you can use a wide body below the rim attack if you have good moves and even better...
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    The Streak is over. How do you feel about that?

    The long sell out streak was snapped yesterday. I know many of us took pride in that streak even though we knew it was kind of artificial. As the AD did all they could to maintain it. Regardless it was impressive. How does Ram Nation feel about the ending of the streak?
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    Jimmy Nichols Jr.

    Is he on board? I couldn't find a thread. If so, this is a great get. He will push and make Hasan much better. VCU with ACE and these two will be dunk city.
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    Best 40 under 40 Basketball Coaches

    This list has 4 former VCU Assistants (including 1 former HC).
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    The season seems surreal

    Its been a long time since a VCU team has been in this position. Yes Mike's first year we didnt make the NCAA tournament. However, that team was doomed from the start and no one had any real expectations. This team I was thinking maybe Sweet 16 and to be here today with almost 0 chance of...
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    Was D Jenkins supposed to be an elite Defender?

    After listening to the Announcers last night, I wondered if DJ was supposed to be a elite defender when he arrived? I for one thought his offense would exceed his D. It doesn't seem to be working out that way. Now DJ can get his shot, and he can score at will but rarely has he imposed his...
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    Fred Van Fleet

    I hated this guy and rooted against him while at W. S. U. However, I was glad to see him, Kawhi, and even Steph bring it home in the NBA finals. Who said the P5 rules the NBA.
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    Its Tourney time!-Moratorium on BS & Bickering

    Hey guys its Tourney time and guess what we are back! I for one like most of you are EXCITED as all get out that we get to go to Brooklyn as favorites and that we are a lock to get into the NCAA. Mike was just rightfully named COY. ME was 1st team and all Academic. DJ was 3rd team. We have...
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    2019 A10 Season Awards

    Not sure if anyone has posted a thread that speculates on Season Awards for 2019. I am thinking the following: Mike Rhodes -COY Marcus Evans 2nd team A10, All Defensive team DJ -3rd team all A10 Typically, ME's stats would lead to maybe 3rd team and DJ maybe a few votes. But because of our...
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    We are BACK!!!!

    Today solidified it. We are officially in. We are now playing for seeding! Hat's off to Mike R and they guys. VCU is once again the Broad Street Bullies(with Bully being a good thing)
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    The 3 big guys deserve love

    Coming into the season I like many of us really questioned our post play and depth. MSS played sparingly as a Freshmen and he's only 6'6 maybe 6'7, Corey Douglas was straight out of Juco and the rap on hims was his offense just wasn't there yet, and then we had Gilmore who as we all know was...
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    Glad we chose Ed

    Looks like Dave Benedict has his hands full at UConn. He has the University and the AD embroiled in public litigation regarding Kevin Ollies contract. He has led UConn AD to a 40 million dollar short fall. He paid a 1-11 Football Coaching staff bonuses even though he knew he had the short...
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    All Time Team

    Troy Daniels? He was never All Conference. Never led the team in scoring. Didn't play much until his Jr. year. Not in the top 10 in scoring. How does this happen? Danny Kottack (sp), Phil Stinnie, Bernard Hopkins, Kenny Stancell, Ju, Chris Cheeks, Sheron Mills, Bernard Harris (and yes he...
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    VCU Ramnation-The Fans

    I have never been more proud of our fans than I was last night. First you all showed class and gave SS a great ovation prior to the game. That meant a lot to SS and his family. We haven't always done the same for past coaches. Second and most important, when our guys needed a boost the Fans...
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    Maui Invitational-Safe Travels

    Wishing all Ram Fans Safe Travels. Enjoy Surf, Sand, Sun and BASKETBALL. Have fun as you support our guys, our university but more importantly Return Home Safely! Safe Travels and Go Rams!
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    Dylan Sheehy-Guiseppi

    Have we welcomed this young man yet?
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    NBA New Contracts may have an impact on VCU players and recent grads

    Two Contracts regarding the new NBA Two Way Contracts. These contracts will certainly have an impact on our future graduates and past grads.
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    Next Years 2017-18 Starting 5

    JT Johnny D Jenkins Vann Lane I think these guys are the initial starting 5.
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    Maybe just Maybe WW's hiring was good for VCU

    I know this may not be a popular position to take, however hiring WW two years ago may have been the best thing that could have happened to VCU and its men's basketball program. First, WW knew the program and some of the players, he didn't have a learning curve with regards to player ability...
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    Off Season Player Activity-Camps?

    Its off season, Mel was invited to the 3 point shoot out, and did well (unofficially 3rd). Anyone else invited anywhere this summer? Chris Paul, Lebron James, Portsmouth Invitational, NBA Combine, USA Basketball etc. (camps, tryouts)? Thought this might be a nice place to post all such...