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    While you guys are busy quitting...

    ...the team still has games left to play and a chance to extend their season as long as possible. As always, Go Rams!
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    Has anybody successfully been able... watch live VCU basketball games on Kodi? I'm trying to "stick it to the man" this year (in a nonsexual way).
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    Simple, quick petition to help The Peppas and others.... Got Jerry Palm involved. Waiting on SVP.
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    Does anybody have experience with Will Call admission?

    I'm not sure how it works. Any info is appreciated.
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    I will not be transferring.

    Whoever puts on the black & gold to represent the Mighty Rams of VCU is who I will be supporting. VCU vs the world right now. Looking forward to the war. Get on board or get out of the way! fTexas. Roll call.....
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    Kendall Anthony

    Now that we don't have to play against him anymore I think it's time to give him props on a great career for the wrong team. The guy was almost unstoppable in many of the games vs VCU. Gave me fits of rage many times.
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    Big Shot Brad(ford Burgess)

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    Dominic Woodson tranfers from Tennessee No we don't want him.
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    Get well JeQuan Lewis!

    Such a scary, scary injury. Terrifying.
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    9 Year Olds Need Uzi's Too

    9 year old girl accidentally kills her GUN INSTRUCTOR while learning how to shoot A fudgeING UZI. This is what our founding fathers had in mind when writing the 2nd Amendment. Visionaries. I feel bad for the girl...
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    UNC fake classes for athletes

    Bye bye Roy Williams.
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    Before you go blaming Juvonte.... should consider that he is basically our only big and he was outnumbered tonight. It was Larsen and Armwood (one of which is supposed to be 1st team A10) vs Reddic. Reddic hit the floor time after time tonight while clawing for rebounds and attacking the rim with hands pulling his...
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    •Screw Puerto Rico •ESPNU poop the bed •Mo Alie-Cox needs to start in place of Juvonte next game •Bad shooting night is why we lost, it happens sometimes •What happened to the little bit of zone we played vs ISU? •Love the fight our reserves showed at the end when there was no chance of coming...
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    WTVR to broadcast 5 VCU basketball games. With some pregame broadcasts as well!
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    DJ Haley is a Trojan

    Not surprised he'd want to be closer to home. Good luck Deej!
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    Mid-Major Sleepers Rank 'em. VCU on top of course. wtf at Towson....doesn't ESPN know Frank Mason is going to Kansas now?
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    ODU gearing up for Conference USA
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    Theus close to landing Summer League roster spot?

    Darius Theus- Toronto (per @HoopHypeCanada_ ) Jamie Skeen, Troy Daniels- Charlotte GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!