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  1. vcu_dan

    2 for UCF Wanted

    I was two far down the totem pole and didnt get tickets through vcu. I just need 2!
  2. vcu_dan

    Players Calling Out "The Melvin"

    I still can't believe Bri is done, my heart is truly broken for that man, but despite his injuries we still have a season to play. Treveon is going to be Treveon. We will get 17 and 6 pretty much every single night from that man. We can right that train all day every day. But we need our...
  3. vcu_dan

    Schedule Serious Question For Away Game Travelers

    So I have season tickets (final year of young alumni) and probably make it to all but one or 2 home games every year. I have been to the final four, Charleston classic, and pretty much all the UofR games across town, but never made it to many away games. So I know some of guys are "serious...
  4. vcu_dan

    Recruiting How Far We Have Come --- Recruiting Break Down

    I think sometimes we forget just how far we have come. I was in the same class as Eric Maynor, so I'm still young but I used to think some of our recruiting classes were pretty good. We have come a LONG way. See below: All rankings based off ESPN: 2007 Class: (Grant) Lance Kearse - #48 PF...
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    News Replay use expanded in hoops This certainly isn't life changing news but the main part that really effects us is below: Our entire style of HAVOC forces people to be out of control and to be less prepared...
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    Recruiting 2013 Recruits on Campus for the Weekend?

    Via Twitter: JeQuan Lewis: Antravious Simmons: I love to hear their excitement about being here at VCU.
  7. vcu_dan

    OT: Change the Game: Perfecting selection This article has some pretty interesting stuff on all things related to RPI, and its probably not OT because our RPI always seems to affect us come March. I'm sure artRAMinMN will have some...
  8. vcu_dan

    News ESPN: The new kids in the neighborhood

    More on our move... Also mentions Butler and every other team making a move.
  9. vcu_dan

    Players Freshman Update

    I know DB is an ODU lover now but he is posting some fun updates about our new guys coming in...
  10. vcu_dan

    Players Update on Mike Nice

    Nice (no pun intended) article here on our former player Michael Anderson and the basketball camp he is running. There are some nice tid bits that remind me of his time here at VCU.
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    VCU Rams Will Not Repeat! ... -this-year Hey Shaka do you hear this?
  12. vcu_dan

    Vote for vcu_dan!!!

    So McGeorge Toyota selected one of ramnation's most passionate fans vcu_dan to potentially shoot for for the Scion iQ at the game on Saturday against Northeastern. I am 1 of 4 finalist that may get an opportunity to shoot for a brand new car. I am asking for support from all the passionate ram...
  13. vcu_dan

    Steals per game --- Weber ... tat/steals I was looking up national stats on steals. Currently Briante Weber is tied for 28th in the nation with 2.33 per game. If you look at that top 100, he has the 2nd highest steals per 40 minutes at 4.57. Bri is going to be a very special...
  14. vcu_dan

    Stats that stand out from last night

    The good - Juvonte Reddic - 19 pts, 10 rebs (8 Orebs), 3 steals, 1 block - Haley - 8 rebs and 5 offensive - Troy - 5 three pointers (one clutch), 22 pts - Theus - 4 steals - Rebounds 37 - 31 in favor or US - 20 to's from the other team (14 steals from us) The not so good... - Bradford - 0...
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    ESPN: Top 25 things to look forward to

    and is more OT but here you go...
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    ESPN: Lessons learned from this offseason ... id=6519536
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    ESPN: Old coaching assumptions are fading ... id=6352479
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    NCAA Tournament standout returns to North Meck to help out ... -help-out/
  19. vcu_dan

    RTD: Legislators honor VCU Rams at Capitol nice video to watch as well!
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    So What is There is Do in HOUSTON?

    I'm headed to houston with my wife and parents and can't wait for some VCU basketball but what else is there to do? I've never been to Texas and Sunday is pretty much completely open. I heard there is a 350 store mall next to the westin we are staying in, but that's for the wife. Any cool...