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  1. VCU77

    2022-2023 OOC Schedule

    I'm ready! Any insight in who we will play!?!
  2. VCU77

    Home court advantage in the Stu

    Litos called the Stu “the Animal”. Announcers would talk about it being a tough place to win. Have we lost our home court advantage?
  3. VCU77

    Reality check 2017-2018

    No judgement, just observations. New coach, 9 new players, 1 true point guard, 2 seniors + 1 senior transfer, 5 freshmen and 4 sophomores out of 13 players...we have one junior transfer. No depth at the 1. No scoring depth at the 5. We can score points. Teaching defense takes time. In...
  4. VCU77


    I attended VCU in the 70's and MCV in the 80's/early 90s and have followed VCU basketball for many years. Our University and our basketball team has been been fighting for Respect for years..and despite our successes...we are still fighting and may always have to fight for respect. Maybe...
  5. VCU77

    What I would like from Ramnation insider

    My Ramnation men's basketball insider wish list: 1) complete pressers after each game with our coaches and players as well as our opponents coaches and players 2) interviews with assistant coaches, players and their family, opposing coaches/players (especially if they have good things to say...
  6. VCU77

    This is going to be a great year!!!

    Jordan the Beast Burgess...The Mel...JQuan...The Artist Gilmore...Motown Tillman...Mo Says whatever Mo wants to say...JWill...DougiieeeB from the corner...add in Phili Samir...the PharoaHandy...Jon "The NBABody" Nwankwo and his side kick Riullano from the Bronx...K, show them what their missing...