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  1. VAHills

    A10 basketball rosters in 2K19

    This is amazing work by a Bona fan to build out the rosters of all the A10 teams and court designs for 2K19.
  2. VAHills

    NCAA Survivor Pool

    I was asked to join an NCAA Survivor Pool today. It’s a pretty good twist, so I thought I would add it here with a twist. Everyone gets VCU so no one has to feel guilt about not picking the Rams. So, you get to pick 7 teams, at a cost. The seed number of the team determines the cost, and you can...
  3. VAHills

    If you could have one back...

    I was thinking about the losses we had this year, and how each one had a little bit of meaning. If you could turn back time and reverse the outcome on just one, which one would you choose?
  4. VAHills

    4 for sale for LaSalle game 1/9

    Due to travel for work, I can't make it back in time for tonight's game. Also due to travel for work, I can't meet anyone to exchange, so I listed the 4 tickets using the new VCU ticket marketplace on Stubhub. Tickets can be bought as all 4 or as a set of 2 by 2 different people...
  5. VAHills

    SOLD - 4 seats for Iona on 12/1 w/Parking Pass

    I'm selling my 4 tickets to the game vs. Iona on Saturday 12/1, along with my Broad Street Parking Pass. Asking for $100 (willing to negotiate). All 4 seats are together in section 21. I'll need to meet the buyer at the Commonwealth Shopping Center at 288 and Hull some time before 5PM...
  6. VAHills


    Want to treat yourself and 3 of your family/friends to a VCU victory over Hofstra on Saturday night? You're in luck! I have other commitments this weekend and we can't use our tickets, so I'm looking to sell all 4 (seated together, seats 7-10) with my parking pass for $100 firm. These are on...
  7. VAHills

    Basketball Tip-Off Dinner

    According to the RAF Calendar, this event is supposed to take place Monday, October 17th, at the Siegel Center (no time given). It is open to RAF members at the Director's Society and above ($2500+ annual donation). There...
  8. VAHills

    Video Capture Devices and Techniques

    I think there are a few of you on the board here that have dabbled in getting your copies of games onto your computer. I was also into this quite a bit a couple of years ago, but after a computer rebuild and some Verizon box upgrades, I'm finding my equipment is not functioning properly and I'm...
  9. VAHills

    1 (maybe 2) for sell for Umass for $20

    I actually have two I can sell if you need 2, but they aren't together. Will also post on the Fans page on Facebook. $20 for each. Both give comm. room access. I'll be at the arena at 10:30 and can meet you at the will call entrance. Text me at 804-536-8641.
  10. VAHills

    Radio Coverage of VCU

    If you're like me and like to listen to the Coach Smart show live and don't work near Home Team Grill to be there, the show will be on 950AM. And, frustratingly, it will get shifted over to 100.5 at 6:30 due to Spiders basketball pregame. 950 has an online stream, 100.5 doesn't, and neither can...
  11. VAHills

    Vote for Shaka in the Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge OR I saw a post on this yesterday, but didn't see a thread. Let's get after it! Coach Smart is again supporting the FRIENDS Association for Children here in Richmond! Thad Motta of the Ohio...
  12. VAHills

    Need: Extra Founders Room Pass for Cleveland St game 12/29

    I have some upgraded seats for tomorrow nights game vs Cleveland St. I have a math problem though, because I have 4 seats with Founders Room passes, and 1 from my regular set with Commonwealth Room access. It's me, my wife, and my 3 kids, and would like for all of us to be able to go to the...
  13. VAHills

    Looking for 2 tickets for Cleveland State on 12/29

    Here's the deal: 12/29 is my wife and I's 24th wedding anniversary. We are planning to go to the game and sit in our usual seats, but I'd like to get some great seats for the game to make it feel a little more special. Ideally, I'd love to get sideline floor seats and will pay a premium for...
  14. VAHills

    Selling 2 for Belmont

    I have 2 tickets available for tomorrow night for sale. $25 each. They are in 2 different sections. One in section 16, other in section 21. I will sell the one in section 21 for $20 if you just want to get into the game and plan on standing or sitting with friends in GA (gives my wife and I...
  15. VAHills

    OT: New Football Playoff and Conference Payouts

    This was just an early morning thought I had, that I may feel differently about after I wake up a bit more, but I was really struck by Ohio State's total domination of Wisconsin with a 3rd string QB. Certainly they are capable, but how likely is that? Then I realized the Big Ten is on the...
  16. VAHills

    Spirit Walk Today

    Just wondering if anyone is going to Spirit Walk today. I don't work in the city so I've never made it, but my son is a freshman so if I'm ever going to do it, today is the day! Is there any particularly good place to stand, or is it just find an open spot and cheer them on as they walk through?
  17. VAHills

    Players 2014-15 Depth Chart

    This gets discussed all the time in various threads, but alot of times we're talking about who's starting. I'm more interested in total contribution. There are only 200 minutes to go around in a regulation game, and by all accounts we appear to be DEEP! But we still have the 200 minute limit...
  18. VAHills

    1 ticket for sale to Rhode Island

    I have a single ticket for sale to tonight's Rhode Island game. In section 10, includes Commonwealth Room access. $20 or best offer. I will be at the STU at 5:30, but can meet you at the Will Call vestibule on the East End anytime before 6:45 (I like to be in my seat by then). Text me at...
  19. VAHills

    Need 4 for either Fordham or St. Louis

    I have a coworker that was a season ticket holder last year but had some distractions over the Summer and didn't get tickets this season. He would like to acquire 4 tickets together (same row or stacked) for either the Fordham game or the St. Louis game. He's getting an account set up on...
  20. VAHills

    1 for Wofford tonight

    1 ticket for sale in section 10, front row for tonight's game vs. Wofford. $20. Text me at 804-536-8641 if you want it. I will be there at 5:30 and can meet you at the East Entrance. Includes Commonwealth Room access.