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  1. northernvatiger

    What happened to our home court advantage?

    The Dayton loss drops us to 6-4 at the Stu this season. We have a better road record. Sure, all teams lose at home from time-to-time. What we are seeing this year is hopefully an anomaly with the number of losses. What really concerns me is getting blown out by 30 points in our own gym! It...
  2. northernvatiger

    Ace Baldwin news

  3. northernvatiger

    The VCU campus and RVA

    Came across the following on VCU's LinkedIn feed and wanted to share it. So many wonderful memories for me of my VCU years of 1979-1983.
  4. northernvatiger

    News Shaka featured in Washington Post

    In today's Washington Post...
  5. northernvatiger

    VCU stickers

    I'm looking for VCU stickers for car windows. I checked both the VCU Athletics website, and the VCU Barnes & Noble website, and didn't see any on either site. I'm sure that the B&N store has them, but I don't get down to Richmond too often. Anybody have any suggestions as to other places to...
  6. northernvatiger

    Congrats Shaka on 100th win!

    Becomes 12th D-1 coach to win 100 in his 4th season! Many more to come!
  7. northernvatiger

    Mike Ellis calls out Blaine Taylor

    Love it! Towards the end of tonight's game, Mike called out Blaine Taylor, recalling Taylor's comments about Shaka after the NCAA's. Remember that ol' Blaine said that the tourney will make rock stars out of average coaches/teams (I'm paraphrasing here). Anyway, Mike on the money by stating...
  8. northernvatiger

    College Football -- BCS Natl Championship

    Disappointed this morning. My other school, LSU, got torched by Alabama and Nick Saban. To go 13-0 in the regular season, including winnning your conference, while beating 8 top-25 ranked teams, including 3 top 3 teams, only to get humiliated in the BCSNCG. Ugh...
  9. northernvatiger

    2011 baseball season

    Just wondering if anyone is looking to discuss baseball, now that we are about a week into the season...
  10. northernvatiger

    Good eats near VCU?

    I haven't been down to Richmond in about 3 years and I'll be heading down sometime this month with the family to check out the Picasso exhibit at the VMFA. Looking for some casual lunch and dinner possibilites near VCU. Was hoping to pick up some suggestions from the board. We're open to...
  11. northernvatiger

    Oh, the pain!

    I know we've already been through the post-Butler game analysis, and my intent is not to rehash it... I came across this from the NY Post, and it's consistent with what many of us said and unfortunately know all too well: Read more: ... z1IapRyZ4o The...
  12. northernvatiger

    mark your calendars!

    Next year's schedule Does anyone know when next year's schedule will be available?
  13. northernvatiger

    This is VCU basketball...

    Great read from Pat Forde: ... id=6264781.
  14. northernvatiger

    SWEET 16!!!

    Who would have believed it?!
  15. northernvatiger

    Four straight CAA losses to close the season

    With three of them at home. Wow -- what gives. Things looked so promising when we were 12-2 in CAA play. At this point, I can see a loss next Saturday and you know what, how about no post-season play. This team is so frustrating.
  16. northernvatiger

    Former Ram Cla Meredith signs with Nationals

    Hope he makes the major league roster... ... 0204k8fj33
  17. northernvatiger

    Question re the double technical...

    I'm unclear about the possession rules in this case. I know there had been a foul called prior to the double technical. After Joey took the 4 FT's, I think it was Skeen that had 2 FTs from the foul. Shouldn't we also have had possession after the foul FT's, meaning that even though he missed...
  18. northernvatiger

    9-4 heading into CAA play...

    Not too shabby. Good couple of games this week with the positives being able to close out a tough Wofford team coming directly after the debacle at UAB, and dominating UNH with the game never in doubt. Would like to have the USF and UAB games back, but these things happen. Let's keep the...
  19. northernvatiger

    Live Stats/Audio for GW game?

    I checked under schedule but didn't see any link posted yet for live stats or audio. Just wondering if there will be any, and possibly a link for the radio PBP... Does anyone know? Of all times for VCU to be playing at GW. I work downtown one Metro stop away from Foggy...
  20. northernvatiger

    VCU/Delaware game thread

    Didn't see this posted; I'm sure much of Ramnation is at the game. I'll be following the game from work... GO RAMS!