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  1. IbleedVCU

    Why I love VCU Basketball

    Coach is always talking about how he loves our guys so I thought I’d share why I love VCU basketball and hope you do the same. VCU represents the blue collar work ethic. We have to work harder for what we want. The basketball team, our school and our city are often overlooked. We are thought of...
  2. IbleedVCU

    Pomeroy: NCAA abuses statistics to stack the deck against small schools After reading this, I'm glad Ken Pomeroy is talking with the NCAA on a new metric.
  3. IbleedVCU

    SlingTv As someone who has been a "cord cutter" for over five years, the worst part is not having live sports. SlingTv is the first time you can get ESPN without having a cable subscription. I am currently on the seven day trial and it works great on my roku. I still don't think it...
  4. IbleedVCU

    VCU's endowment goes over 1 billion

    VCU's endowment increased by 203% from 438 million to 1.3 billion! There was a side note though stating.... The large increase in the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) endowment is primarily due to the board re-designation of certain long-term investments held by related VCU entities as...
  5. IbleedVCU

    New Library to get outside video screen for watching basketball

    First of all, if you haven't looked at the new library renovations/construction go here and prepare to be amazed. Something that caught my eye is the following quote I always wanted a nice open area to watch big time vcu ram games and I think this is...
  6. IbleedVCU

    Bigshot Brad 2.0

    I don't want to take anything from Graham's game winner but how about Jordan Burgess hitting that crucial three down the stretch. Looking forward to the future with another Burgess on the court.
  7. IbleedVCU

    Completed 2013 VCU Masterplan Not sure this fits under VCU general sports but thought everyone would be interested. They finally released the completed 2013 VCU Masterplan. There's a lot of information here and will take me sometime to go through it. I'll start the rumors... take...
  8. IbleedVCU

    Infographic on Basketball Revenue/Spending

    I saw this on another messageboard and didn't see it posted here. It's very neat to see how VCU compares to other schools. Right now we spend about 3.8 million a year and would need to about double that amount to be on par with BCS schools.
  9. IbleedVCU

    VCU Rowdy Rams/pep band wikipedia page

    In light of the VCU Rowdy Rams winning student section of the year, I thought it would be good to create a wikipedia page highlighting the events and traditions of the VCU supporters group. The page was flagged because I hadn't put all the information in before first creating it. They won't...
  10. IbleedVCU

    2013 Diplomas lack MCV name Finally, let's all rejoice and recognize the best thing for VCU is for everything to be under the VCU name. This is 45 years too late but I am...
  11. IbleedVCU

    Masterplan update Feb 2013 It looks like the just released the updated Masterplan for VCU and it has some new things in regards to athletics. There also is a lot of exciting things for the University. It's a great time to be part of VCU. And of course, one of...
  12. IbleedVCU

    Potential NBA team could temporarily play in Richmond

    I saw this and didn't see it posted anywhere. My question is why can't Richmond build an arena to house an NBA team. The arena could be a joint venture with VCU and give us the much added space we need. Apparently, Virginia Beach wants half of the money from the state so it looks to be more of a...
  13. IbleedVCU

    DJ Haley

    Does anyone know why Smart has kept Haley's playing time to a minimum. At times during the game, we needed that extra big guy to help free up space down low but instead we went with a smaller shooting lineup. He did great at the beginning and then just disappeared.
  14. IbleedVCU

    Master site plan update for November

    Master Plan Steering Committee Update November 2, 2012 So I was looking at VCU's Masterplan site, and found page 69 and page 70 to have a designed athletic masterplan update. Two things of interest. Page 69 shows a softball practice field and has two large practice...
  15. IbleedVCU

    VCU athletics on the south side of broad street?

    I was looking at our Masterplan updates and came across this..... If you download the "Council of Deans Master Site Plan Update August 2012" you can see that on page 36 they have a proposed athletics site for the property across the street from the Siegel center...
  16. IbleedVCU

    Are they ever going to change the VCU license plates?

    I would really like to buy a VCU license plate but I feel that we currently have outdated plates offered by the state. If these plates are used for scholarships, you think VCU would want good looking license plates. Here's the link... If we put the new VCU seal to replace the current branches...
  17. IbleedVCU

    What's going to happen to George Mason

    With VCU going to the A-10 and ODU most likely going to Conference USA, what's going to happen to George Mason? Some of you may say who cares but I think they are a quality program that definitely doesn't deserve to be left behind in the CAA. I have heard the UMass may leave the A10 for their...
  18. IbleedVCU

    Athletics Masterplan

    I didn't see this posted anywhere but I thought it was very interesting. Dr. Rao's president update mentioned an "Athletics masterplan." Immediately city stadium comes to mind as a great location to build practice facilities for our sports team but what were some things you would like to see...
  19. IbleedVCU

    New MWC-CUSA merger Andy Katz states that What do you guys think about ODU being a potential school for the CUSA? I know the conference is spread across the whole country...
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    VCU Medical Center could be changed back to MCV

    I saw this bill in the general assembly and it has me pretty worried that we will take a giant step backwards in becoming a united University. Are there any alumni that can make some noise against this bill? The last thing VCU needs is...