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    22-23 Opponent Tracking Thread

    Like the team benched their coach.
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    VCU cancels the best rivalry in Virginia college basketball

    Tons to unpack. If what Wood said is true about HOW we pulled out of the series, maybe VCU supporters need to look a little deeper on how we are doing business especially when you look at some of the other actions athletics has taken over the past few years.
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    Revised Seat Equity Plan now Delayed until Next Year

    Reading some of these recent posts reinforces my opinion that VCU athletics isn't as big time as they want others to think they are. They have over complicated this whole "seat fee" thing. They should contact JMU that handled this tax issue years ago without it being a cluster ****.
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    The State of Ramnation (Part 2)

    I didn't read every page but have all these questions bouncing around my head. What expectations do the fans/supporters have? What is the ultimate goal 5 years from now, or 10 years, 25? How do we define a successful season? For years the program has sat and continues to sit toward the top of...
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    21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

    I pretty much said the same thing a week ago and all tick jokes aside.....I think the team has fired Mooney and elected Gilyard head coach. Those guys are playing some of the best basketball we have seen over in Henrico in over a decade. As much as dislike UofR in general, I'm 100% pulling...
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    The Official 2022 Atlantic 10 Tournament in DC Thread

    As Cold and harsh as this is....".I'll give you a prediction about Richmond Spiders basketball....It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be gray, and it's going to last you for the rest of your life." It's pretty darn real life for the Spider Fans. As much as I don't like most Spider fans, give them...
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    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    I seems to me we put people that have different personality traits or skills in the Autism Spectrum box. My wife is a math wiz, most aspects of her everyday life get vetted through numbers and data analysis, she's very "book smart" but struggles with "street smarts". Back in the day we just...
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    The Official 2022 Atlantic 10 Tournament in DC Thread

    I'm not at all surprised. We play great team defense (mostly) but no one really stands out except maybe KeShawn but be lacked a little consistency at times. Ace but he didn't have a whole season. Most all our guys were solid on D but I'll take team success over some individual award.
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    Work Those Quads! (Net Ranking A10 Quick Reference Thread) VCU 56

    A bit of a throwback from from 2018. Ed talking about creating an environment for success. This is from 2011. Shaka talks about scheduling...
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    Revised Seat Equity Plan now Delayed until Next Year

    My point was maybe they should try that "olive branch thing". I'm not the only one that didn't donate last year after doing so for many years.
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    Revised Seat Equity Plan now Delayed until Next Year

    My account is still active, I get some RAF emails like the news letter and the weekly Athletics emails.
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    Revised Seat Equity Plan now Delayed until Next Year

    More of an FYI: I didn't not receive the email from the RAF. I didn't donate a dime last season so maybe I got dropped from the email list. I hope they are smart enough to reach out to the folks that "cut them off" the past few years.
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    Did we ever get close to a Juwan Howard situation in our histroy?

    YA don't mess with an LVC Dutchmen. Not to mention Coach was raised in PA Coal Country and every kid in that area was tough and knew how to fight.
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    Do the Rowdy Rams still exist?

    My wife, a casual fan spent more time watching the band, GRD's, and the student section than the game. She's the same way with JMU football, watches the band's antics. No pun intended but quality of sports entertainment is a package deal. "back in the day" everyone seems to be on the same page...
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    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

    Football and the recruiting that comes with it.
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    Do the Rowdy Rams still exist?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but back in the hey days, it seems the Rowdy Rams received quite of bit of support from Shaka, the team and AD. It seems to me the drop off started when Wade was coaching.
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    What happened to our home court advantage?

    I didn't stop my donations or buying season tickets because of Covid, I stopped because 1) the AD pissed me off because of the reasons every longer time donor is saying. After about 4 seasons of considering cutting back, Covid gave me an excuse to take a break. 2) it simply wasn't as much fun...
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    Revised Seat Equity Plan now Delayed until Next Year

    It's one thing "trying" to teach business management is another thing learning how to manage business. One of my kids business professors (not at VCU) never worked a day in business. He earned his college degrees and was always a teacher/professor. Motto of the story is You can't teach...
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    The Official Beat the Davidson Wildcats in North Carolina Thread

    I was like; "what the heck is this idiot doing" Two minutes later Coach KcKillop looked like a basketball god. I guess armchair coaches like me shouldn't be questioning a professional coach with 999 games under his belt. The swim team thing was really funny ONCE, but has become creepy. I'm...