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    The Season

    Does Josh Clark have remaining eligibility?
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    The Beat The Orangemen of Syracuse in the Bahamas Thread

    Jesus effing Christmas man. Did you not watch this game? We got any shot we wanted in the second half. It was precisely because we passed it around. The whole point is to flex the defense and get it out of position. They did what they were asked and they executed. The demands were refined to...
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    The Future of the A10 from a Scheduling Perspective

    So let’s take “it takes two to tango” off the table. The other has to want to play us, and within the framework of their schedule. They have their own priorities that have nothing to do with us. A trip to play Oregon has to fit within our framework. Meaning, you can’t load up on tests. We’ve got...
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    The Season

    A captip to you, sir.
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    What’s YOUR expectation for the season?

    If I may... This sentence is the truth. "Playing fast" and "running offense" are two different things. Yes we want to play fast and get in transition and shoot layups, but keep in mind most possessions occur in halfcourt sets. We run PNR or some side-to-side action, all designed to break down a...
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    Welcome Marcus Tsohonis!!!

    Ramdog has officially won Ramnation. Shut the site down.
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    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    NBA or not NBA. Hang jersey or not. Debate whatever you'd like, but in my mind one thing is not debatable: LEGEND.
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    The Official Beat the Oregon Ducks in the West Region in Indy Thread.

    Yes, turnover differential for sure. Also points off turnovers. We have to make the Oregon turnovers regrettable by converting them (while not regretting our own). Non-stat that leads to a stat: dribble drives. They run a lot of iso. That leads to drive-and-kick for open threes. Can't have...
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    Players Tre Clark leaves VCU basketball program due to university suspension

    Side note: there's a lot of space between everything sucks and everything's rosy. Stop making blanket statements.
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    Players Tre Clark leaves VCU basketball program due to university suspension

    Alllllllrighty then. I'd like to address a couple things here, if I may. As to GTA's transfer position. There's more than 150 guys in the portal now and something like 80% of the programs had a transfer last year. With the waiver and the rules it's going to be nuts this offseason. But let's not...
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    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams of Rhode Island In The Animal Thread

    Don't understand the fear part because I was trying for the exact opposite. mrgeode said it better: Cox has cracked no code and the conversation probably never happened because it's either fantasy or arrogance. Too much Basil, I guess. Anyway, what I was trying to say is that every coach...
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    The Official Beat the Keaney Blue Rams of Rhode Island In The Animal Thread

    The Dan thing is ridiculously stupid. As in, if you put any credence into it, you are walking down the wrong path. Every coach knows what every other coach wants to do in every single game. There is film. There are scouts. My point is this: Dan's conversation with his friend is nothing more...
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    The Official Beat the Duke Dawgs of James Madison University in The Animal Thread.

    Nothing at all to apologize for. Brady got a bad rap because he and the AD had a toxic relationship. The man has a smart basketball mind but wasn't necessarily, uh, let's say socially skilled. Semenov is appealing an NCAA decision that he is ineligible for playing in a Montgomery County over-45...
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    The Official Beat the Duke Dawgs of James Madison University in The Animal Thread.

    I defend your opinion more than most on here, but this is 100% incorrect. Also Matt Brady was not the douche many people think. The Stellas are flowing. We win.
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    So long and thanks, @mglitos

    Thank you all so very much for the kind words. It truly means a lot to me. I'll be around, a lot. Special shout out to Ramdog--that was always my goal. If we stunk I wanted to say we stunk, and I want us to win every game. Again, I thank you all. Now let's get to Utah...
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    2020 transfer news/targets

    100%. Give me basketball players.
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    Ace Baldwin commits to vcu!

    What he said. He is a freshman so it will be up and down, but here's the deal. (That's Ace, not Mobile Munchies.) There are prospects, and there are players. Ace is a player. Kid has a soul for this game.
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    Mike Rhoades Show, Media Minutes & Pressers

    Hi all--'tis true, I'm way up in the northern neck. About 10 minutes from the stoplight in Burgess, for those who know the area. Tappahannock is the halfway point of my commute in for games. There has been no writing because my real job, the drive time, and a new grandson have me busy. But I...
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    The Official Close the Regular Season with a win at The DC Wildcats Thread

    Oh sorry--was not directing anything at you either. Haha. All is well. All I'm trying to do is clarify. Things like "they don't play hard because Rhoades wants to be their friends" is crap. So is "do they not look at analytics." I know this as fact.