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  1. BradRamFan

    Who is is him?

    Hinton in background between Biden and his wife
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    Foreign student/player education ruling?

    Recently the Trump administration issued a directive to enforce the ruling that all foreign students must take in-class courses or they need to transfer to a university that offers in-class courses starting this fall. Has VCU set the stage yet for how it intends to handle classes on the academic...
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    Kodjoe in the news

    Not basketball related but he is a former Ram athlete
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    Proud of our guys

    I wanted to say that I appreciate everything our seniors have strived to do on the court and in their lives. Very proud that Malik, Simms, DJ, and Corey who have all earned their BS degree from VCU. They should all be am I.
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    Franklin St. Gym

    Not sure if this is posted elsewhere but an interesting article with pictures about the future/non-future of the Franklin St. Gym.
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    PJ Byrd to transfer

    saw it on facebook, positive VCU page :(
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    Happy Easter Invite from a Great Ram Fan!

    Thought I would post this in it's own thread. Not sure if it has been posted elsewhere on here:
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    Happy Thanksgiving to the Team!

    You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us excited, you make us all want to see and visit and watch your games. Happy Thanksgiving! You are my Ramily!
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    LaMello Ball wants to play college ball

    I know this is off topic but an NCAA decision could have an impact on any and all subsequent future player recruitment. Not only has he had an agent, he also played professionally. If he plays...
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    New VCU video

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    New Transfer Rules from NCAA Athletes no long need permission in order to transfer.
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    Like the new format!

    I like the new opening page format for VRN. Seems to work much better with my Chrome browser. For about a year now, half the time it would not bring up/show the top news story. I like this new version of VRN....even looks more professional. is this still done via wordpress?
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    I Love VCU....

    This much!
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    Thanks Tyler - always a Ram!

    Tyler Maye is transferring per the story on VRN. Appreciate all his effort with the team. He made some major changes to his body over the summer last year and was hoping he would be able to step up. But he only got limited minutes and has decided to transfer. But I appreciate his effort on the...
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    Section 104, G5 is where I'll be!
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    RIP Hef

    I don't think I am alone in saying that he opened up a whole new world to me as an adolescent. I think it was Netflix/Amazon/Hulu (on of those) that had a fantastic series on his life just this year. The magazine really did have some cutting edge articles that helped shape society...wasn't just...
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    Summer League - 2017

    I see posts across several threads about the Summer League so thought I would start a dedicated thread. Bri, Tre, and JQ will be playing this summer. So thought a single thread would be a good place to discuss what's going on rather than having everything in multiple threads.
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    New Coach Announcement Stream!

    The actually presser begins at the 11 min mark......nothing before that so skip to the 11 min mark. EXTRA!!!!! BTW: Special 5PM Coaches Show with Mike Rhoades and @WesFoxSports910 at Broad St. Buffalo Wild Wings tonight Fox 910 is on iHeart radio or just go get yourself some wings!
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    Last Show of Season

    The WW show tonight 3/6. It's the last show of the season! 5-7 5-6 - Ed 6-7 - WW @BW3 - Shortpump Radio - 910 Stream on iHeart (Fox Sports 910 Richmond)
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    Tattoo Update Please

    OK, as a contributor and supporter [Insider], I demand to know the details of administrator Mat's tatoo. When is the date? How many session will it take? If you've already started, how much does it hurt? Whatever possessed you to do this? You do know you are going to have a man's names tatooed...