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  1. 92VCUpikapp

    Who’s growing?

    So……. Who’s growing? Been playing around and experimenting. Canna honey is my new fav. Great as an edible, and so easy to make at home. Teaspoon and 1/2 of your favorite Hemp or Cannabis 40 minutes bake at 230 in a small mason jar in my air fryer, grind in a coffee been grinder and fold...
  2. 92VCUpikapp

    Anyone fish ??

    The Herring/Shad/Striper run is slowly approaching RVA. Any fellow Ramnation anglers out there? Would love to compare notes and maybe meet up on the river to crush the striper/Shad this spring. I fish off a paddle board modified for trolling. Have had great success from Rockets Landing up...
  3. 92VCUpikapp

    The official sh!ttiest '16 A-10 Tourney thread

    fbonnies!!!! Classless pricks. Should have swung at three of those f'ers tonight in Brooklyn.
  4. 92VCUpikapp

    RVA - tad off topic

    Ok... I can't stand the ticks RVA bumper stickers.. Can we all chip in together and make the following: Go Rams, GO!!!
  5. 92VCUpikapp

    Ticket Book Question

    Will someone take a look at their Season Ticket book and confirm the order of the tickets by page. My 6 year old decided to separate my tickets and tore off the bottom part from the top part on my Witchita State, Stetson, WKU and Longwood tickets So is Game 3 on top of Game 7? and Game 4 on...
  6. 92VCUpikapp

    VCU in Italy

    I don't recall seeing a link posted on Ramnation for our ball this summer in Italy. Here it is.. Go Rams, GO!!!
  7. 92VCUpikapp

    Look who's on USA Today cover... Yup... Shaka!

    It's our time... VCU!!!
  8. 92VCUpikapp

    Who do you want to win tonight and why?

    Still in denial. Shoud've, could've, would've.... Since we aren't in Hotlanta who you want tonight and why. For me I want Kentucky by 30! F-IU!
  9. 92VCUpikapp

    Miss Valley State

    Fun watching these guys play.. Very similar "High Octane" defense like our Rams.. Even their point is wearing a Bri White Head Band... Love the NCAA Tourney...
  10. 92VCUpikapp

    Has to be an advantage, right?

    Playing the CAA tourney earlier than most other conferences and having almost a week and a half with no games to rest, heal and study the other teams has got to be a significant advantage for VCU and other CAA teams going to the dance. Got to figure the teams in the ACC and Big East playing now...
  11. 92VCUpikapp

    Unofficial Beat the Patriots Thread!

    Well someone has to get this party started!
  12. 92VCUpikapp

    Don't forget to cancel your subscriptions for streamed games

    If anyone else is like me, you stream the away games. Well I just realized I never canceled my Western Kentucky subscription from 3 month ago and got charged for 3 months use. Make sure after you watch a game to cancel your subscription or you'll get charged with a monthly fee :( Go Rams!
  13. 92VCUpikapp

    Three pointers...

    Great win last night fellas. I will preface this with I did not get to watch the game last night, but reviewed the box scores this morning. What is up with our three point shooting? I mean Tre Daniels 0-4? WTF? I'm sure it's easier to hit them at your home gym since depth perception has to...
  14. 92VCUpikapp

    Where were we last year at this time....

    So, what was our record. What was our shooting percentage. How many TO's. Etc.....
  15. 92VCUpikapp

    ESPN 3

    Looking good so far. Nice picture and streaming perfectly! Let's go Rams!
  16. 92VCUpikapp

    ESPN can pound sand

    Right from the ESPN site about the NBA ... eader=true "Let's face it. Last season was the NCAA's equivalent of a lockout. Yes, there were terrific storylines and wildly entertaining upsets, but for sheer basketball superiority? Avert your eyes. VCU and...
  17. 92VCUpikapp

    Is football season over?

    I mean really. I love the old pigskin, but let's get that round ball going. Props to our new Rams! Welcome to Richmond. Let's. Go! VCU! ... class/2011 I believe. We belong. VCU!
  18. 92VCUpikapp

    Props to Hampton

    Hope you guys beat Duke!