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    Bold predictions for 2022-23

    Are they “psychotic “ drugs or “anti-psychotic“. There is a difference you know. Me, I prefer the psychotic type. A little more freeing. OOC 2 loses. top 3 at end of season with a A10 tournament. Can’t quite see who wins. Need more mushroom. win at least 1 big dance game. go Rams.
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    David Shriver Is A Ram!

    I can lend you some maybe’s if you’re running short!
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    Hason Ward transferring.

    Mr. Ward? is he still part of the program? Remember, Hason Ward?
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    The Official 2022 Atlantic 10 Tournament in DC Thread

    Please let us win so we can annihilate the St. Louis team
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    The Official Beat the SLU Billikens in the Season Finale at Chaifetz Arena Thread

    i Had a friend at the game and I asked him about the refs extended huddles at the monitor. He thinks they were watching porn.
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    The Official Beat the SLU Billikens in the Season Finale at Chaifetz Arena Thread

    If we make it to Sunday and it’s Davidson, we win!
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    The Official Beat the Fordham Rams in the Bronx Thread

    I get the sense that this team is developing an attitude. We’re not going to be pushed around. Except in the second half.
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    What happened to our home court advantage?

    Covid is not the problem and yes there is a problem. Game streaming and network game coverage is not the problem. For those who don't remember the atmosphere at the Stu watch a Dayton BB game. That's what the Stu used to sound like. I'm jealous. It is truly sad to see empty seats and...
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    The Official Beat the Davidson Wildcats in North Carolina Thread

    Don’t forget Nunn on Loyer. guy can score. Nunn just blanketed him. Our guys can be lock down. if Curry had a 3point shot……
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    New Litos!

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    The Official Beat the GW Colonials at the Stu Thread

    Just win. Go Rams. Send the colonials back to the colonies.
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    The “Official” Beat the La Salle Smoke Machines in Philly Thread

    That was magic. Next level skill
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    The Official Beat the Florida Atlantic Owls in the Stu Thread

    If that’s true they then need to practice shooting more FT when heart rate is high.
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    The Beat The Wagner College Sea Hawks Thread

    Go freshman. show us what you got. go VCU.
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    The Official Off Season Thread

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    Supreme Court Decision on College Athlete compensation

    I like that idea. Coaches salaries should be in line with the the number of years they are at the institution with a start salary of an associate, or if they have some years on them, a full professor. public money should be kept out of college sports. Let the alum fund the sport. Lots of small...
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    Welcome to Levi Stockard III

    You seem to be hesitant about Deloach's ability?
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    Corey Douglas is a grown a** MAN

    Th This is a moment of "this is what I do." Corey. Thank you for your work.