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  1. DisplacedRam

    Players Alphonzo Billups is a VCU Ram!

    LET'S GO VCU --- ---
  2. DisplacedRam

    Players Christian Fermin is a VCU Ram!

    LET'S GO VCU! ---
  3. DisplacedRam

    Players Jayden Nunn is a VCU Ram

    Let's Go VCU!!! -----
  4. DisplacedRam

    Let's do a group bracket challenge

    Bored in my hotel room and got the idea to throw together a bracket challenge group for members of the board. No buy-in or cash prize or anything just bragging rights. Will only allow one bracket in there per person and it would probably be helpful if your bracket name included or referenced...
  5. DisplacedRam

    Players Jalen DeLoach is a VCU Ram

    #LETSGOVCU!!!!! ------- -------