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    Rams are ranked 21 in early poll!
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    Does Shaka survive this season? How much longer are Texas fans going to put up with the mediocrity? A must win game today, and they got spanked at home by TCU. Aside for the obvious salary difference, I wonder if Shaka longs for his days at VCU? He seems to be out of his element at Texas.
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    Rams #19!

    The Rams are 19 in the latest CBS poll!
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    Future schedules

    When do we add LSU to our schedule? Has that been determined? Also, any word on other future opponents; UVA, Texas, VT, etc.? Any talk about playing out west?
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    A10 wins

    Not a lot to brag about so far. VCU over Temple Dayton over Butler Davidson over Wichita St. Louis over Seton Hall St. Joe's over Wake Any other good wins I'm missing? Hope we can add Texas and UVA to that list!
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    Tough loss

    We had our chances for sure. Any number of ways we could have won. Evans needs to get his game under control. He also needs to take the chip off his shoulder. Just because an opponent made a good play against you, doesn't mean you have to get even on the next possession. Calm down, and get your...
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    Another win!

    Rams take the first of 3 from St. Louis, 4-2! The win streak continues! Go Rams!
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    Hokies vs. Rams

    I assume this has been discussed at length, but I'll ask anyway. Why doesn't VCU play Va. Tech each year? We were able to get a home and home schedule with UVA and they have a much higher profile than the Hokies? I went to the last game with the Hokies several years ago and we trashed them (it...
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    The A10

    Have there been discussions about making changes to the conference. Either adding two teams and creating two 8 team divisions, or, possibly pairing down the conference to a more manageable size? I think 14 is too many, and is an odd amount of teams for any conference. In my opinion, Fordham, St...
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    Which team shows up Thursday?

    The one that hung tough with the likes of Michigan and Virginia, or the one that lost twice to UR and by 27 to Dayton and 24 to GW? I sincerely hope the former!
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    I think most fans feels the same way I do; this season has been a disaster and has been difficult to watch. We're not used to losing, especially at home, and certainly not to the teams that have been spanking us. In watching the Mason game, I told my brother that with about 5 minutes left and...