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    Happy Fathers Day Nice read about one of our Ram's father. Alan ran track and XC at VCU. He was All Conference and a Metro Conference champion. He has been a sucessful Physical Therapist/ founder of Physical...
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    2 Texas Tickets

    1 ticket left. $60.00
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    2 GA Tickets for UVA

    I have a co-worker selling 2 general admission tickets to UVA. Asking $78 per each (which is what he paid for them).
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    Good things

    There is a lot of fussing going on this spring in Ramnation and I find myself writing some angry posts lately focusing on negativity. But two great things to be happy for are 2 of our own brought 2 new Ram fans into the world this week. VCUPAV and his wife had little Erica (named after Eric of...
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    Simmons is transferring at end of semester

    [email protected]! I just saw this in media mentions. My bad for starting a new thread.
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    Former VCU Cross Country/Track coach Cliff Hardison dies

    Cliff Hardison, coach for mens cross country and track from the 80's died unexpectedly yesterday. Anyone who knew Cliff will testify to his caring, compassion and generosity. After coaching, he accelerated up the education ranks rising from guidance counselor to high school principal. He was the...
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    Ed McLaughlin wants to WIN National Championships

    I have done alot of soul searching and like Dr Hunt, re-read the posts and reflected on my 20 plus years here. To my recollection Ed is the only AD to ever utter the words that he "wants to win National Championships" He doesn't say mens basketball. He means in ALL sports. We clap and cheer...