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  1. VAHills

    2022 Atlantic 10 Baseball Tournament

    They had to wait for the SLU/RIC game to finish.
  2. VAHills

    The Offical VCU Men's and Women's Tennis Thread

    I think when she was up 4-2 in the tie-breaker, I was worried she got the yips all of a sudden on her serve. She fought past it though.
  3. VAHills

    The Offical VCU Men's and Women's Tennis Thread

    Just watched Paola move on to the national semi-final on the stream! That was quite a gut-twister.
  4. VAHills

    Season Ticket Refunds For Penn St and NH Games

    Man, glad you guys popped this thread back up, I almost forgot to request it. Done now.
  5. VAHills

    2022-23 Targets (Minutes/Points)

    Yeah, count me in on Jamir Watkins being a big time contributor. Only problem I see is he missed a year of growth and experience, but that dude is going to bring it.
  6. VAHills

    Season Ticket Refunds For Penn St and NH Games

    In the same boat, I called yesterday and they said I should see that reverse out in a few days (haven't seen it yet though). What a cluster!
  7. VAHills

    How much effort should we put into HS recruiting vs Transfers now?

    I think the model will be 2/3 of your yearly roster the traditional route, with 1/3 via the portal. And that 2/3 will have to be "re-recruited" every year to some extent to help avoid their transfer later.
  8. VAHills

    Hason Ward transferring.

    That was quick! I wonder which Iowa State assistant gets credit for the tampering, er I mean close on that deal.
  9. VAHills

    April Fools!

  10. VAHills

    21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

    Good choice, but probably more impressive is Tommy Lloyd with Arizona.
  11. VAHills

    Players Marcus Tsohonis in the transfer portal

    #CharlieMoore. BTW, the first player I’ve ever seen to play at 4 different schools during his college career. Weird to think how close we thought we were to landing him those many years ago.
  12. VAHills

    Recruiting 2023 Offers

    I was thinking, he probably has a walk-on spot if he decides to go that route, but they probably want to also let him enjoy the recruiting process. Rhoades was a D3 player, so maybe Logan is on that kind of track, I guess we'll see how it plays out.
  13. VAHills

    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    Question for the general audience, is that his son Logan he points to after he makes it?
  14. VAHills

    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    "Tilted: How to make illegal payments fair for everyone!" by Will Wade.
  15. VAHills

    A10 coaches on the hot seat

    Plus he'd have to sit I think since he already did his one free transfer from VT.
  16. VAHills

    The Official 2022 Atlantic 10 Tournament in DC Thread

    Here's the layout. If you buy through any school, your seats are GA in the "A-10 SCHOOLS" area. I believe all of the other areas are when you buy either through the venue or off the secondary market (though I assume you can buy school GA tickets on the secondary market also).
  17. VAHills

    Mistachill Appreciation Thread

    I just want to say, I have mad respect for both your video capture and your editing skills. When we won the A-10 championship back in 2015, I had all of those games on my DVR, and I undertook a project to make this nice blu-ray set out of it. It took me weeks to do it, ripping it to my...
  18. VAHills

    21-22 Opponent Tracking Thread

    Man this dude got two Duquesne players on his all rookie team. GTFO!
  19. VAHills

    The Bubble

    Look for it tomorrow for sure since we're on ESPN2.
  20. VAHills

    Revised Seat Equity Plan now Delayed until Next Year

    Yes, my brother-in-law did this too. He just did the $250 per ticket donation and he got 4 tickets in section 23 (pretty good seats considering). So all of his donation was the ticket donation, no philanthropic.