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  1. Havoc City

    A10 coaches on the hot seat

    As we near the end of the regular season, I thought it might be interesting to speculate on the coaching carousel as it pertains to the A10. At this point, it seems to be a given that Matt McCall will be out at UMASS, and if Mooney is ever going to be fired by fur, it's got to be this year...
  2. Havoc City

    Coaching Rumors (the Mike Rhoades edition)

    I don't think Rhoades is going anywhere, at least not this year, but I'm seeing his name being circulated for a few p5 jobs. Hoopdirt gives it 50 to 1 odds that Boston College will lure him away: A Penn State writer...
  3. Havoc City

    RIP Lew Hill

    Sadly, Covid has claimed its first D1 hoops coach. Lew Hill, head coach of the UTRGV Vaqueros out of the WAC, died this morning from complications arising from Covid. He was a longtime assistant under Lon Kruger at UNLV and Oklahoma. In fact, his last year in Norman was the year they knocked us...
  4. Havoc City

    Future of the Power 5

    My sincere apologies if I shouldn't have started a new thread, but I didn't know where else to post this. An article was just published showing that 61% of P5 schools favored breaking away to form their own governing body. The survey was conducted by the Knight Foundation. Interestingly enough...
  5. Havoc City

    Around the A10's Preseason Games

    St. Joseph's defeated Arcadia 100-61:
  6. Havoc City

    Rhoades watch

    Don't kill me, Ram Nation. I don't think coach is going anywhere, but apparently he's UNLV's top choice. Also, the article says he'd be Virginia Tech's top choice if Buzz is off to Texas A & M...
  7. Havoc City

    Thoughts and Prayers for Mike'l Simms and his family

    Coach just mentioned during his post-game press conference that Mike'l Simms had to bury a family member today. Let's send our thoughts, prayers, and love out to one of our own. May as much peace as possible be with the Simms' family during their time of grief.
  8. Havoc City

    2 to sell for VCU @ UVA

    Ram Nation, I bought three tickets to VCU at UVA off Stubhub, but now I'm going with a different group of friends and need to sell them. I've already sold one, and now I have two left. Note: these are electronic tickets. I paid $57 for the ticket plus another $15 or for the service fee. Right...
  9. Havoc City

    Jamill Jones

    This is terrible news.
  10. Havoc City

    Capel to Pitt

    Congrats to former VCU coach Jeff Capel for landing the Pitt gig.
  11. Havoc City

    Coach Long

    Reports that Coach Long is looking good for the Austin Peay head coaching job!
  12. Havoc City


    Need 1 for at Mason. Will pay face value. PM me.
  13. Havoc City

    Tranferring tickets

    Fellow Ram Fans: My apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere, but I've done my best to search through previous threads and I haven't found an answer. Anyway, my question is whether or not our season tickets/point totals are transferable. For example, if I've accumulated 100...
  14. Havoc City

    Will Wade's A10 teleconference (Jan. 5, 2016)

    So sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but for those of you who haven't heard it, here is a link to coach's week 1 A10 teleconference (Jan. 5, 2016). Go Rams!
  15. Havoc City

    2 for Cinci

    Section 31, row n. $40 total. Includes commonwealth access.
  16. Havoc City

    two tix for Cal-Pa ($10 each)

    pm me if interested. Section 31, Row N. You'd need to come pick them up before the game as I'll be leaving town Friday afternoon.
  17. Havoc City

    1 for Davidson

    Section 31. Commonwealth access. $50 or best offer. Have to sell by Monday because I'll be out of town after that. PM me asap.
  18. Havoc City

    1 for uva game (section 31, row n) ($125)

    Friend can't make the game, so I thought I'd put it up here. Ticket has Commonwealth Room access.
  19. Havoc City

    1 ticket for UVA game, Section 31

    Ticket comes with access to Commonwealth Room. For Rams fans only. $200 or best offer.
  20. Havoc City

    1 ticket for sale for UVA game

    Section 31, Row N. PM me your offer.