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  1. VCU RAM

    Player turnover and culture

    This. Haven’t been here in a few and lo and behold, an offseason complaining thread. Moving on into oblivion again.
  2. VCU RAM

    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    Anyone know how long Bones gonna be in town?
  3. VCU RAM

    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    I love the Nuggets and VCU. I’ve watched about 75% of the Nuggets games last season and Bones is highly regarded by the team, fans and coaching staff. He was on the All-NBA rookie team. The Nuggets got literally a top 10 draft pick production from a 26th draft pick, a huge steal. His confidence...
  4. VCU RAM

    The Official 2022 Atlantic 10 Tournament in DC Thread

    I love VCU, but games like this during tournaments like this are hard to stomach. So many turnovers and disconnected half court offense continue to be an issue against good teams or rivals. So sad
  5. VCU RAM

    The Official 2022 Atlantic 10 Tournament in DC Thread

    Too many turnovers, bad ball movement and poor interior effort just is sad to see. We’re getting schooled
  6. VCU RAM

    The Official Beat UConn in the Bahamas Thread

    Love the defense, just wish our offense was equal or better. We’d def be a top 20 team if we actually had offense, made free throws… I think we’ll come out of this tourney playing better, but it’s a rough go if we can’t make any buckets. 20% and 30% offensive numbers aint going to win games even...
  7. VCU RAM

    The Official Beat Baylor in the Bahamas Thread

    I love our defense and our passing game right now. We need to make more shots, but otherwise very good half
  8. VCU RAM

    The Beat The Wagner College Sea Hawks Thread

    First game watched this season and the void is evident. Slow and lackadaisical in the paint, disconnected leaderless offense, inconsistent defense that can either be smothering or like a block of cheese.
  9. VCU RAM

    The Beat The Wagner College Sea Hawks Thread

    A lot of cuts and screens, but Wagner’s playin pretty solid man defense. Wish they could do some pick and roll action with all this cutting and screening. Our offense feels like it’s running rec ball. Doesn’t feel like we have a leader on the floor.
  10. VCU RAM

    Players VCU sophomore guard Jamir Watkins out with torn ACL

    Working in Rehab, talking about breaking bones, torn ligaments or tendons is incomparable. Any can be devastating depending on the extent of the injury, where they occur and the nature of the resultant limitation to the individual person. There’s no way to compare them. There are also many...
  11. VCU RAM

    Bleed Virginia - TBT

    Daniels was up and down, wish he had better ball control and didn’t turn it over much. Tarpey was up and down, hit some great shots in the first half but missed some fast break opportunities and faded in the second. Overall they worked hard, just a little overcome by D2. Was a good game up until...
  12. VCU RAM

    Bleed Virginia - TBT

    Daniels an assassin, but bad ball control. This game is pretty intense, love the high energy
  13. VCU RAM

    The 2020-21 Men's Basketball Tournament

    Texas without their seniors next year is a rebuilding year. Shaka's certainly on the hot seat. They hired him to win NCAA Tourny games, not lose each one of them every time they are in.
  14. VCU RAM

    The 2020-21 Men's Basketball Tournament

    ACU man to man D looked very polished and how they collapsed after each shot to outrebound Texas. With all the length and athleticism on the Texas roster, ACU dominating 2nd chance points, rebounds and turnovers won them the game. If they could shoot better, they may be a championship team.
  15. VCU RAM

    The Official Off Season Thread

    This team will most likely be pre-season ranked top 3 in the A10 if all our pieces stay. I think the unfinished feeling of the end of this season is going to drive this team to unimaginable heights next season. They are going to play with a chip on their shoulder.
  16. VCU RAM

    The Official Beat the Oregon Ducks in the West Region in Indy Thread.

    Unreal. So heartbreaking on many levels. If it was a ref that caused the positives on the team, all the hard work the players put in and the precautions they took was for nothing because someone else not directly involved in the program got COVID and passed it to them. It just sucks so much.
  17. VCU RAM

    Bracketology Thread

    I got VCU over Oregon, Iowa, Kansas and then losing to Gonzaga in the Elite 8. Call me visionary.
  18. VCU RAM

    NCAA Tournament: VCU vs Oregon (Saturday March 20th)

    I kinda like the side we're on. Oregon is going to be tough, but winnable. Iowa is very good this year and will be extremely challenging. This is a very good challenge for the young guys. They're going to have to pull together to win
  19. VCU RAM

    The 2020-21 Men's Basketball Tournament

    Tough game. Bones having 3 fouls in the first half, the technical on Ward and the inability to grab offensive rebounds are I think the 3 momentum stoppers and reasons why we lost it. Going to be interesting to see what happens at 6pm
  20. VCU RAM

    Players The Vince Williams Thread

    Looked like a lateral ankle sprain. The way they iced it and wrapped it may have been due to the swelling. Most likely not a syndesmotic injury from the mechanism...but we’ll see when they get the report out. Prayers for full recovery!