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  1. DCRAM

    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

    Never felt like my time was wasted on this board until reading that last post bringing this thread back to life.
  2. DCRAM

    22-23 Opponent Tracking Thread

    Temple beats Houston on the road. Huge win for them. Hopefully that helps us.
  3. DCRAM

    Starting Five

    The king of uninterested demeanor within VCU basketball was Juvonte Reddic but we all know that wasn't the case. I'm just starting to think that's just how Watkins looks.
  4. DCRAM

    The Official Beat the Dayton Fayers in Ohio Thread

    Wow, I am in complete shock we somehow found a way to crawl out there with a win. Game ball definitely goes to Shriver. This is the Shriver we were all expecting to see when he came on campus.
  5. DCRAM

    The Official Beat the Dayton Fayers in Ohio Thread

    He's got to rest. He isn't built to play that many minutes without a break.
  6. DCRAM

    The Official Beat the Dayton Fayers in Ohio Thread

    I see why Fermin rarely plays.
  7. DCRAM

    The Official Beat the Dayton Fayers in Ohio Thread

    Yea, I don't get it. We're passing up 3s to take horrible mid range jumpers? I'd rather we just take the 3.
  8. DCRAM

    The Official Beat the Duquesne Dukes in Pittsburgh Thread

    We just don't have enough talent on this team. We have a ton of athletes, but not enough skilled players.
  9. DCRAM

    It’s time to start talking about Mike Rhoades’ future at VCU.

    Slim chance? :lol: I'd say zero chance for an at-large is more accurate ;)
  10. DCRAM

    How are you feeling right now about the team and program?

    My opinion? We should be a much better program than where we are now 6 years in. I haven't been in the fire Rhoades camp yet because I know the grass isn't always greener on the other side (look what happened after Phil was pushed out at St. Joes). Then again, Rhoades isn't Phil and the grass...
  11. DCRAM

    NCAA Tourney Expansion

    I would only support this if regular season champs from every conference get an AQ spot, not just tournament champions. That will help smaller conference teams who do well all year but don't have the schedule to get an at-large spot and lead to many more upsets in the dance. If not, I don't want...
  12. DCRAM

    Mike Rhoades Show, Media Minutes & Pressers

    That was enough to give us the #2 OOC SOS? LOL, shows how weak most teams OOC schedules are.
  13. DCRAM

    NIL impact on the program question

    Is anyone else here with a business going to register for the exchange? I'm thinking about doing it to help the program/players even though I have a fintech startup that isn't location specific to Virginia and completely unrelated to basketball :lol:
  14. DCRAM

    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

    Wow, that's really bad. BUT now I'm curious. From a basketball perspective how has VCU done compared to VT and UVA for the top 10 basketball talent in the state? It's probably pretty bad too since I don't recall very many of our own players from the state. I wonder if this could be said for most...
  15. DCRAM

    22-23 Opponent Tracking Thread

    It would be great to get the a10 back to 4-5 bids annually. I think the a10 is primed for it in the next 2-3 years.
  16. DCRAM

    Recruiting Silas Demary Jr.: Closed

    We need one of those arc/360 shot cameras for something like this. I'll chip in for one.
  17. DCRAM

    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

    The Big East is going to have to expand whether they want to or not. Sitting idle for too long isn't an option. 11 teams isn't going to cut it in this new world of super conferences. USC and UCLA going to the Big 10 changed the game in ways no one imagined. For the Big East, expansion shouldn't...
  18. DCRAM

    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

    Crazy how the Big 12 was on its death bed not too long ago and now it looks like its gonna be the Pac-12 instead. No one is safe.
  19. DCRAM

    For Funsies: Conference Reallignment/Creation

    I predict these super conferences will all eventually breakup after 25ish years after most of the schools get tired of not being at the top. They're going to want their opportunities to compete for conference championships back.
  20. DCRAM

    The “What if” Thread

    They were not in the same class. Maynor in 2005, Steph in 2006. So we would of had them playing two years together. Eric’s junior year and Steph’s sophomore year would have been something that’s for sure!