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  1. 80MCVRam

    Ride sharing for 1/24

    Any word on getting into the parking decks
  2. 80MCVRam

    What's going on with Reddic?

    I agree with the technique change. I think he has become to mechanical instead of trusting his shot. Wonder if someone changed is form on free-throws and jump shots at the camps this summer? Letting the ball go behind your head on a free-throw is not good form.
  3. 80MCVRam

    Isn't it signing day?

    Is there any word if anyone is signing today
  4. 80MCVRam

    The Official beat the UMass Minutemen Thread

    what cbs link is working
  5. 80MCVRam

    Official Beat the Hawks thread

    Does anyone have sound online
  6. 80MCVRam

    Players Let the Reddic/Haley Off Season Weight Program Begin

    I see comparisons to the improvement that LF made in his 4 years. He went from bad to a beast. If DJ can make that much improvement we will be hard to beat
  7. 80MCVRam

    Comcast Network or CSN?

    Should be on 76 and 576 on FIOS in Richmond
  8. 80MCVRam

    Group workouts

    Does anyone have any updates on how the small group workouts are going?