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  1. Milk Lizard

    Recruiting Silas Demary Jr.: Closed

    I can't believe I am asking this, but do we know if were Enfield and Keatts previously following him? I normally don't put much stock in Twitter sleuthing, but that would be interesting. Or maybe we're just desperate for hope and reading way too much into nothing!
  2. Milk Lizard

    Recruiting 2021 Offers

    This is a stupid conversation.
  3. Milk Lizard

    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    No no love love button for Bones in the NBA. Hate button for the Ramdog comment. What he/she says is factually accurate, yes, but this is supposed to be a time to celebrate Bones. Indeed I was a fan of the name on the front of the jersey pre-Bones and will be post-Bones. But because of what he...
  4. Milk Lizard

    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    Where is the dislike button? Nay, the hate button.
  5. Milk Lizard

    Recruiting Transfer Market

    Nunn to Miss St., Bones announces return, party on Broad St. Oh I'm sorry you said experts? Nevermind.
  6. Milk Lizard

    Recruiting 2021 Offers

    We must be really interested if we've offered him 13 times!
  7. Milk Lizard

    Recruiting 2019 Offers

    Luckily, our current roster also has loads of talent.
  8. Milk Lizard

    Recruiting 4* PF Tyreek Smith:Closed

    So shoud we rename this thread: "4* PF Tyreek Smith: Slightly Ajar, Maybe?"
  9. Milk Lizard

    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    You know it's the offseason when the board creates 5 pages of content in 3 days on...Fordham. Sheesh.
  10. Milk Lizard

    Recruiting VCU Recruiting

    Well, this didn't age well.
  11. Milk Lizard

    HATE WEEK PART TWO: The 2019 Official Beat Fur in the RC Thread

    Golden is at the apex of his jump in this picture.
  12. Milk Lizard

    The 2018-19 Season

    I feel like people are worrying about seeding and overlooking the fact that we are in the driver's seat to win the regular season title for the first time since we joined the A10. That's a pretty cool feat especially considering expectations coming into the year!
  13. Milk Lizard

    Recruiting VCU Recruiting

    Last time we signed a "Mo" it worked out well for us.
  14. Milk Lizard

    The Beat the Kearney Blue Rams of URI in The Animal Thread

    Wait...are we good at offense now? Watch out.
  15. Milk Lizard

    Corey Douglas is a grown a** MAN

    Dude is 3rd in the A10 in blocks. He averages 15 mins / game.
  16. Milk Lizard

    The Official SBU Bunnies up in the Hinderlands Thread

    Stockard & Lofton: 6 - 25 combined from the field. We are getting really good at shutting down the oppostion's main threat(s) and making the rest of the team try to beat us. Though of course the guys still have to execute, that's good coaching.
  17. Milk Lizard

    The Official Beat The GW Colonials in DC Thread

    So Vann only scored 2 points, we missed our last 15 threes in a row, shot 61% from the line, committed 14 turnovers, and 20 fouls...and won. Ugly, but a win. By the way, 7 of those 20 fouls were from Gilmore and Douglas who combined to play...11 minutes. Ouch.
  18. Milk Lizard

    The Official Beat The GooMoo Patsies in the Animal Thread

    Yeah that 9 - 0 run after being tied at 52 was with I believe PJ, Crow, Kel, Vince, and Gilmore on the court. I was incredulous at the time, but if it works, it works. Suppose that's why I'm not the coach!
  19. Milk Lizard

    The Official Beat The GooMoo Patsies in the Animal Thread

    21 assists on 26 made buckets...that's good team ball.