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  1. Wisco

    How are you feeling right now about the team and program?

    I went to the Marquette/Georgetown game in Milwaukee this past weekend. It was bittersweet. Sweet because I was a Marquette fan long before I went to VCU and it is so great to see the program rocking again. Bitter because what Shaka has done for that program is nothing short of incredible and I...
  2. Wisco

    Someone snuck into the Coliseum and posted pictures

    By far my best Coliseum memories were the '07 CAA title game and '13 Governor's Classic game against VT. I think I saw Elton John there in '05 as well.
  3. Wisco

    The State of Ramnation (Part 2)

    I was feeling curious about historical KenPom rankings for VCU. The first number is offense, the second is defense. Grant: 06-07: 18, 124 07-08: 157, 22 08-09: 64, 57 Smart: 09-10: 28, 98 10-11: 47, 78 11-12: 96, 23 12-13: 20, 36 13-14: 106, 6 14-15: 58, 26 Wade: 15-16: 58, 24 16-17: 72, 41...
  4. Wisco

    Players Rhoades Warriors: 2017's Issac, Marcus, Sean, Khris, Lewis, Tyler, Mike'l, Xavier & Dylan

    The speed with which some on here turn against former recruits, coaches, etc is disturbing. He's a kid in high school who made an important decision in his life. Lavar seems like a solid dude and I wish the absolute best for him.
  5. Wisco

    Archie to Indiana

  6. Wisco

    Archie to Indiana

    Sounds like it's a #donedeal
  7. Wisco

    Pat Kelsey- Umass new coach

    Hard to tell what really went down here. I've heard talk that Kelsey had major issues with depression after Prosser died. If that's the case, this could be mental health related. No one is really in a position to judge I suppose, unless he bolts to X.
  8. Wisco

    Georgetown to can JT III

    Good for them. Their fans deserve better.
  9. Wisco

    Mike Rhoades - new head VCU Basketball coach - "ALL RHOADES LEAD HOME"

    The hypocrisy of a Richmond fan is amazing. "We can't win because our academic standards are too high" "LOL Mike Rhoades sucks he couldn't win at Rice University"
  10. Wisco

    Mike Rhoades - new head VCU Basketball coach - "ALL RHOADES LEAD HOME"
  11. Wisco

    Pat Kelsey- Umass new coach

    Pat seems like a great dude. His presser after the Winthrop @ VCU game a few years ago sold me on him.
  12. Wisco

    Mike Rhoades - new head VCU Basketball coach - "ALL RHOADES LEAD HOME"

    Why does Tori Valentine act like such a child on Twitter? All I ever see is her arguing with people about VCU.
  13. Wisco

    W3=Wiretap Willie Wade

    Will WW be able to find a house 8 minutes from work down in the bayou? Perhaps a houseboat on a swamp?
  14. Wisco

    Here we go again...

    Well, my trolling effort certainly failed. Although I must admit that my fake information was strangely accurate.
  15. Wisco

    Here we go again...

    Confusing is the word that comes to mind.
  16. Wisco

    Here we go again...

    Only took them an entire day to find this board. Marquette fans did it 10x quicker. Must be something in the swamp water.
  17. Wisco

    Here we go again...

    As we covered during the Shaka crisis, VCU and Wade have zero responsibility to quell any of these rumors. Because that's all they are - rumors.
  18. Wisco

    Here we go again...

    The eagle has landed. Perhaps we'll hear something by tomorrow evening so we can all get on with our live's.