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    Players Josh Banks in transfer portal

    Really liked Josh….saw a lot of potential In his game. He gave the Rams a boost when Ace was out. Will always remember him beating Bones in the 3 point contest. Somebody is getting a winner. Best wishes to him where ever he lands.
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    Rodney the Ram In Marriot Commercial!!

    I found out that the current Rodney is from the neighborhood behind where I live. Small world…
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    Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

    I was on a plane that got hit by lightning several years ago. We hadn’t taken off and had to deboard. Had to spend 24 hrs in Dulles airport to wait for next flight to Paris. Missed connecting flight, so was able to get a whirlwind tour of Paris before heading for mission trip in Romania. We were...
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    Friday night with out a Feature game sucks.

    I read somewhere per A 10 that leaving Fri open was opportunity for teams playing multiple games to rest(didn’t work out so well as top 4 seeds won) and to give fans travel time to get here for semifinal and final games. I drove up yesterday but would have come earlier for sequential games...
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    Players All-Conference Teams

    So proud of these guys! I think the whole VCU team should have gotten Defensive Players of the year. Could not be where we are without the defense Nick, JNunn and Jamir have provided as well as these guys.
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    A10 Coach of the Year

    Defensive player of the year should be the whole VCU team. I am disappointed that B Johns did not get more recognition. Certainly would not be where we are without him.
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    VCU Fan Appreciation Thread

    Wasn‘t HAVOC Unlimited was created to increase NIL opportunities so we could hang on to our good players?
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    VCU Fan Appreciation Thread

    They did not show you on Tv but we sure could hear you. Thanks so much to all who supported the Rams at GW!
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    Video: Thoughts on VCU’s home win over Richmond, with Ed Nixon

    Thanks so much Ed! Enjoyed speaking with you in Commonwealth Room on Fri night. Keep up the good work!
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    Jayden Nunn is One Bad Mofo

    He was on 🔥. Hope he brings it to Siegel Center on Friday against U of R. Rams looking like the #1 team. Road warriors!
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    Game Preview: Rams looking to avoid trap at St. Joseph’s

    Is there a reason why there was not a pregame preview for the Fordham game as well as post game summary? First time since joining this site that I have not seen these for a game.
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    Video: Thoughts on VCU’s home loss to Dayton, with Ed Nixon

    Video was cut off before Ed finished…appreciated what I did hear. Great analysis as always. Need to hit FTs in close games especially when not getting baskets…
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    Players Alphonzo Billups is a VCU Ram!

    My understanding is he plans to request medical RS but have to wail to end of season to make this request.
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    The Official Beat the Saint Louis Billikens West of the Mississippi Thread

    I have seen Nick make 3s from the corner, so I know he can.
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    The Official Beat the Dayton Fayers in Ohio Thread

    Dayton will be tougher when Elvis and Smith return. They are really good guards.
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    Video: Thoughts on VCU’s road loss to Duquesne, with Ed Nixon

    Thanks Ed! Always appreciate listening to your analysis. It’ s been an interesting start to the A 10 season…several teams losing on the road like SLU at UMASS, U of R at GMU….we may see a lot of this…all the home teams won last night. I don’t think VCU will be the only A 10 team with road...
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    Players Obinnaya Okafor (6’9 forward) walking on at VCU.

    I asked about Obi last week. He has redshirted this year.
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    Game Preview: VCU v Northern Illinois

    Would like to see JJ either take the ball up to the basket while in the paint or throw it back out to perimeter…..the dribbling and subsequent turnovers are killing VCU inside. Dribbling is not his talent…..
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    Video: Thoughts on VCU’s home win over Howard, with Ed Nixon

    Great analysis Ed! Getting better…hope to see the urgency the whole game with Radford that we saw out of that first timeout with Howard. Like the “play like Josh” mentality… that guy!
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    Video: Thoughts on VCU’s home loss to Jacksonville, with Ed Nixon

    As always, thanks so much for your analysis Ed. So on target….also appreciate you telling all the folks who are in panic mode to calm down. The talent on this team will merge into a well oiled machine over the next few games and will be a force to be reckoned with in the A 10. I have confidence...