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    Sean's team plays tomorrow (Thurs) at noon on ESPNU
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    Staff Coaching Staff Changes

    Former VCU assistant too
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    Mike Rhoades - new head VCU Basketball coach - "ALL RHOADES LEAD HOME"

    Mrs. Rhoades! I saw your post and my roommate pulls out her high school yearbook from years back and what do ya know.
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    Here we go again...

    Yeah this was after they heard the news
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    Here we go again...

    Go and watch Samir's Instagram story. All the boys are together as a team.
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    VCU Media Mentions

    Lees Chicken tho
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    Steal Your Face VCU T shirts ! ! ! ? ? ?

    I'd be down to grab another one if you make this happen.
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    Steal Your Face VCU T shirts ! ! ! ? ? ?

    I got mine outside of Dark Star Orchestra concert in December guys were selling lot shirts. My buddy scooped one up a few weeks ago in Charlottesville outside of a Greensky Bluegrass show. Next time I see this guy selling at a show, I will get his information.
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    2016-2017 Opponent Tracking

    Yes me too. I've been around a while, don't post much but this thread is one i come to check out on a daily basis.
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    The Official Beat the FU Maroon Rams in NYC Thread

    Come on guys let's go!
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    The Official Beat The Illinois Fighting Illini in Miami, FL Thread

    They are playing on espnu right now
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    It's HAVOC You Beer!!!

    Come and see me, now that I am the GM I pretty much live there!
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    It's HAVOC You Beer!!!

    We just added more TV's at Isley Brewing Company in Scott's Addition (5 total now) and will be showing all the games throughout the season. Black & Golds (Plain Jane Belgian White & The Bribe Oatmeal Porter mix) will be on the menu for every game! Cannot wait for the season to tip off!
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    It's HAVOC You Beer!!!

    Gotta support the local and drink #RVABeer!