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    Anybody other than me interested in the St Mary's / UConn game?

    I'm interested in every game of the tournament...I love VCU basketball, but watch regardless of who is playing
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    The Official Beat the Saint Mary's Gaels in Albany in the NCAA Tournament Thread

    Agree on almost everything. We were surprisingly outnumbered. Also--i like they visit some midsized cities like Albany etc. instead of having it in NYC/DC/PHL every year. It's also been in Hartford, Providence that have similar quality arenas. It's a college basketball game--prefer a cozy...
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    Other teams, Other Games: 2023 NCAAT Thread #VCUvsALL

    That's cool.......i'm going next week to MSG--hoping Duke's loss lowers the ticket prices some.
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    Team's charter flight back for those who care.

    Global X A-321 into RIC
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    At Large? Nah We’ll take our auto bid…. thanks tho!

    She doesn't get to vote on us
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    At Large? Nah We’ll take our auto bid…. thanks tho!

    The school isn't in great shape financially with budget cuts and declining enrollment. Even if it's out of different pockets/allocations, I'd be very opposed to a pay increase/new contract this year. We're maybe on the bubble--he earned his money this year and did a nice job but that's what...
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    2022-23 NET rankings and metrics

    There was some positive movement in the past few days on the margins............Dayton is at 75 and moved back to Q1 win. Our previous home Q3 loss went back to Q2. Richmond home win now a Q3. I don't think any movement on the fringes make that much of a difference now. Things in our...
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    STL is playing a team that has only played one game--Mason got a first round bye. Had there been no upsets each of top 4 would be playing a team that had played once. We would be playing the lowest remaining seed. Upsets happen Not sure why it's so hard for people to follow--not to be snide.
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    The Official Beat the George Washington Colonials in Foggy Bottom Thread

    ???? lost at Duquesne in conference and Temple/Memphis OOC
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    At Large? Nah We’ll take our auto bid…. thanks tho!

    We've played one quadrant 1 game, we've lost 2 Q4 games. We've had one of the higher # of home games in the country. Why is it a surprise our NET is where it is? We're not 150. Of course if you try and compare team to team there are some one offs that can be head scratchers largely...
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    Basketball fandom or mental illness?: A thread

    A lot of the Net (too much so) is based on efficiency and computer #'s. Not d*cking around with Howard/Morgan would be a place to start.
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    Basketball fandom or mental illness?: A thread

    I've heard varying comments on how much these buy games net us in the end--but there were too many home games this year. I know several people where the cost of season tickets and decision to buy comes down to the cost. Not sure what the breakpoint and demand curve is but every single home...
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    Basketball fandom or mental illness?: A thread

    That game still has consequences. It's great we won the A-10 regular season, and great to see us improving, great to see the energy in the Stu again etc. That said, it wasn't a great loss or showing and still has consequences to this day.
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    2022-23 NET rankings and metrics

    Looking at the roster, certainly not overloaded with P-5 guys (and gals)
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    2022-23 NET rankings and metrics

    Unfortunately, our net team sheet/quad breakdowns remain very unimpressive and Richmond last night slid back into the Q4. They "officially" eliminated the how you finish (last 10) from the criteria. Each person can value what they want, and of course everyone's opinion on how you finish should...
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    Songs The Band Should Play 2022

    Some kind words from Tyler Burton about the band and our atmosphere.
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    Chris Mooney is stepping away from Richmond basketball team to deal with heart issue

    Wish him the best; met him in Minneapolis personally at the Final 4 and couldn't be more gracious.
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    The race for the reg season title and/or double-bye

    If us and Dayton finish tied it goes to records against the next highest seeded teams. Obviously how we both finish with STL is up in the air. We both lost to BONA ( i know they've slipped), if we beat Fordham we will have both beaten Fordham once (so that's a wash) if it comes town to...
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    22-23 Opponent Tracking Thread

    They've had an arena every bit as full as ours of the last two years.