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    The Official Beat the Dayton Fayers in Ohio Thread

    Does anyone have an answer to the horrible body language? Why did MR and bench become so BORING in the past season+??
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    News VCU Athletic Village

    No. Artificial turf is the “preferred” surface for field hockey but not required. Lacrosse “preferred” surface is grass or field turf (at athletics village). Less than 1% of lacrosse teams play on Cary street artificial surface. Cary street. Awful D1 “home” field. No locker rooms. Terrible stands.
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    THE OFFICIAL VCU SOCCER (Association Football) THREAD

    fire Giffard They SUck
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    Official VCU Volleyball thread

    I agree to take any accusations like this seriously. Why though was jody was allowed to run camps while under investigation if being accused of such allegations?
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    Official VCU Volleyball thread

    Ed just continues to fire coaches from women’s programs. Interesting. 🤔
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    VCU Athletics/Ed McLaughlin violates ADA, prevents Rhode Island SID with Cerebral Palsy from accessing visiting media box.

    I think this is the most rational post I’ve seen. Completely agree even though I think Ed is an egotistical moron. Prock for AD
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    What happened to our home court advantage?

    Ed is number one problem. He does not care about us. I have spoken to Danny (both), Mak (worthless), Tim, Rylee, and Kevin. They have ALL said that Ed is the problem. They don’t trust the leadership so why should we?
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    Revised Seat Equity Plan now Delayed until Next Year

    It was likely Dianne long sending the cards
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    Revised Seat Equity Plan now Delayed until Next Year

    Long time reader (season ticket holder), first time poster. I had an internal view of the athletic department from just before Ed arrived through now. In knowing the staff and admin fairly well, I can say without hesitation, that the demise of this department began the day Jon Palumbo left. Ed...