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    2022-23 NET rankings and metrics

    I know it doesn't matter for post season consideration, but our RPI is currently 37th. If I'm not mistaken that compares favorably with some of the better VCU teams 5 or 10 years ago (when RPI mattered).
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    2022-23 NET rankings and metrics

    The NIL /Transfer rule adjustments work against A10 type teams in a frustrating way. These teams will have more churn that the P5 teams, meaning that it will typically take 10-15 games for the new teams to meld. By the middle of the season, these teams can be competitive with P5 teams, but...
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    The biggest "matchup nightmare" you ever saw at VCU?

    You guys omit Tako Fall. That NCAA game with Central Florida was an absolute nightmare. Tako hasn't had a stellar professional career, but he was a problem for us. I remember MSS holding his hands up just to keep the UCF guards from lobbing the ball into him, and MSS's reach hardly exceeded...
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    2022 Offseason

    Not to change the subject, but top 144 basketball previews came in with a preseason ranking of #50 for VCU, 3rd in A10.
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    Players 🦴 Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland 🦴

    I think you guys may be overstating the salary possibilities for a 2nd round pick in the 35-40 range. They tend to get about $450 K. Even a late first round pick gets four times as much. Staying a VCU is unquestionably a risk for Hyland, but he can't ignore the upside from the additional...
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    Top 5 VCU hoops transfer players of all time (in and out)

    How about Michael Doles and Willie Taylor?
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    Highlighted Names on Roster Page

    Did anybody notice that six of the names on the team roster page are printed with a darker background than the rest (Saunders, Rodriguez, Skeen, Theus, Santil and Gwynn). Does it mean anything?