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  1. ISwamRam

    2019/2020 Top 3 A10 Teams (other than us)

    It might be a little early to start this thread, but we have a week until we play again so why not use the time to look forward. Based on returning players, coaches and this season's performances, who do you see in the top 3 next season not including us. Or another way of saying it; who...
  2. ISwamRam

    2 for sale for Friday

    Two in Section 35 row W. $25 each. Selling for a friend who's unable to attend.
  3. ISwamRam

    Any Davidson Game Tix?

  4. ISwamRam

    Dr. Redmond

    To my fellow school of business alumni, I received an email today from the alumni office. Dr. Redmond, who was a long time chair of the IS department , passed away recently. I understand from a former prof ofmine it was a very short illness and progressed rapidly without significant...
  5. ISwamRam

    Ocracoke NC

    I'm posting this in OT since others have done similar posts. Mods please feel to move/remove as appropriate. We own a home on Ocracoke. It's a rental and available to Ram Fans, and others too ;-). I have a FB group under the name of "Doc's Holiday" (no, we're not md's, named in honor of my...
  6. ISwamRam

    any for UR

    PM me...stupid me...first time I've NOT gotten tickets ahead of time for UR.:oops:
  7. ISwamRam

    Need 10 for Winthrop Game

    Looks like VCU has sold out of their allotment (i.e. not listed) and don't see it on the Eagles ticket site. Anyone got any connections? Suggestions?
  8. ISwamRam

    Hampton to the CAA?

    I bet they find a different reception now...
  9. ISwamRam

    Jeremy Lin

    Just caught the end of the Nicks/Jazz game...this Jeremy Lin kid is pretty good...not drafted...puts up ~30+ points in all games combined last year w/ his last 2 games he has over 50 and started!!!...and he went undrafted! I love a 'Hoosiers' kind of story...
  10. ISwamRam