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  1. Ramwitch

    Players 2023-24 Roster Thread

    Wonder if a commitment will be announced shortly after Deloach announces
  2. Ramwitch

    Welcome Roosevelt Wheeler 🌹

    LETS GOOO(ignore my thread we posted at the same time)
  3. Ramwitch

    How are you feeling right now about the team and program?

    the home and home with penn state is the only series, so far, I’m not nervous about us dropping one. WW and SS lead teams were more intimidating
  4. Ramwitch

    Ace Baldwin is a major upgrade

    He should
  5. Ramwitch

    The Official Beat the Howard Bison at the Stu Thread

    Bro shrivers offense lmaooo
  6. Ramwitch

    Before you write off VCU’s offense (like I did), consider these stats…

    Remember when coach said the offense would be good?
  7. Ramwitch

    The Official Beat the Jacksonville Dolphins at the Stu Thread

    Shrivers defense is killing us. If dudes not hitting 3s what’s the value?
  8. Ramwitch

    The VCU Rams 2022-23 Season Thread

    And Ace missing most of non conference. If we have him, we beat UConn
  9. Ramwitch

    Recruiting Silas Demary Jr.: Open for Business

    I love that this joke is from my sophomore year at VCU and is still a thing
  10. Ramwitch

    Players Welcome to VCU, Jamir Watkins!!!!!

    It’s tressi gng
  11. Ramwitch

    Vince Williams - NBA Thread

    Probably g league
  12. Ramwitch

    Welcome to VCU, Tarique Foster!

    Briante Weber (love this game)
  13. Ramwitch

    Welcome to VCU, Tarique Foster!

    Terry Larrier congratulated him on his instagram post
  14. Ramwitch

    Recruiting 2023 Offers

  15. Ramwitch

    Recruiting Elmarko Jackson: Closed

    Recruiting him hardest
  16. Ramwitch

    Mike Rhoades Show, Media Minutes & Pressers

    But what about the big east
  17. Ramwitch

    Recruiting Trey Green: Closed