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  1. SpiderRAM

    1 ticket for 2.19 vs URI for sale

    Section 12 Row R Seat 2 $25 cash Pick up in Bon Air today.
  2. SpiderRAM

    Selling 1 for VCU vs Bowling Green

    Monday 11/12/18 Section 12 Row R Seat 2 $25
  3. SpiderRAM

    SOLD ** 1 for sale, VCU vs UVA-Wise

    Tues 10/30 Section 12, row R, seat 2 $20
  4. SpiderRAM

    Need 2 for Bonnies @ VCU

    Anyone willing to part with 2 great seats for Bonnies @ VCU?
  5. SpiderRAM

    For sale- 1 for Texas

    Again, Mr SR can’t go to the game. Section 12, Row R, seat 2 Front row of section, overlooking where VCU enters & leaves the arena. Commonwealth Room access. Plenty of legroom. Asking $100.
  6. SpiderRAM

    2 tickets for UVA @ VCU

    SECTION 12 Row R seats 1&2 On the aisle Make an offer. Need to sell because of a death in the family
  7. SpiderRAM

    A Grateful RamNation

    Any online forum will be peppered with bickering and discontent but there is so much to be thankful for in this community called VCU RamNation. It has been one year since I lost my Dad and after reading through all of the past year's kind messages from so many Ram Fans I just had tell you all...
  8. SpiderRAM

    Selling 1 for Princeton

    Section 12, Row T, Commonweal Room access. $25 OBO
  9. SpiderRAM

    Need 2 for St Bonaventure

    Looking for 2 good seats for Bonnies @ the STU. Y'all know my favorite Uncle is a Bonnie & has followed their teams closely since the 1970s, has attended conference tournaments over the years. He's coming for the game, his first time at out arena. I'd like to get good seats. He's a jovial...
  10. SpiderRAM

    SOLD 2 tix plus parking pass for Cincinnati for sale

    Sadly, I must sell them. Section 30 (northeast corner) Row W, seats 11,12 (aisle) Parking pass for Laurel St Deck All for $50 Will have to pick up in RVA Friday from Mr SpiderRAM. Or I could try to arrange with ticket office for them to reissue the tickets to you. The parking however is thru...
  11. SpiderRAM

    VCU facilities, need assistance

    If a family wanted to utilize a space on the VCU Campus for a memorial service, who should they contact?
  12. SpiderRAM

    News Go Rams event at Spirited Art Richmond

    The VCU School of Nursing Class of 1990 plans to set up an endowed scholarship as part of our 25 year Reunion this April. We have set up a fundraiser at Spirited Art & The Wine Loft on Saturday April 18, 2015 at 6:45pm. A portion of Wine Loft food purchases & Spirited Art class registration...
  13. SpiderRAM

    Hoping for 1 ticket for Dayton game, seat or SRO

    Best friend is visiting that wknd & would love to be at the game. Mr SpiderRAM is willing to give up his ticket for her but that is the last home game he can attend this season. If we can find 1 ticket we will be thrilled, if not, one of us will stay home.
  14. SpiderRAM

    Looking for 3 (not SRO)for 1/10/15 vs St Joseph's

    I am looking for 3 tickets (not SRO) for 1/10/15 vs St Joe's. These are for a VCU grad & out of town family. Please message me if you have 3 available. Thanks!