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  1. WestEndEd

    Ticket sales down?

    Hey; I got an email today that from VCU Athletics that said (among other things) "Season Ticket's still available". I honestly though all our season tickets were sold, and that the general admission tickets were all that Saxon had to buy so we kept our sell out streak. Are ticket sales soft...
  2. WestEndEd

    Running down an old "urban legend" about Butler VS VCU

    So; When we played Butler at the Stu, I heard some people later say that two players committed on the spot right after the game. Does anyone know a) is this true and b) who the Players were? Looks like Tillman, Larrier, Glaze, and...
  3. WestEndEd

    "Fair Pay to play Act "and it's impact on VCU

    Here's A link to a story about it.... So, does anyone else think that this is long overdue? Will this level the playing field, because a good team, like say VCU final four team could have gotten some endorsement deal. Or will this push everyone to a P5 conference, because you'll get more...
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    Poll: What is the ultimate pole?

  5. WestEndEd

    UVA game on 4/30 Ticket reminder

    Hey; If you are using your donor pass to get tickets, please call the ticket office to get your tickets. They are still free, (if regular tickets are included in your donor level)but you can't just walk up, you need to request them ahead of time. VCU fans site on the third base side so be sure...
  6. WestEndEd

    If you have Basket Ball Season Tickets, you probably have a pass to VCU Baseball One time public service announcement . They sell beer at the games, sometimes they have dollar hot dogs, check out @VCUBaseball for promotions. I'll keep the rest of the baseball talk in the correct forum, just reminding folks that you...
  7. WestEndEd

    3/29/19 Davidson @VCU Roll call

    Anyone else going? Perhaps want to grab a bevy after the game?
  8. WestEndEd

    VCU Dank Memes

  9. WestEndEd

    Need two for UR, let me know

    What the he'll, worth asking. I'm as obnoxious at games as I am on the board so you know I'll be loud
  10. WestEndEd

    All good thanks, Go Rams!

    Hey; Looking for three together (general admission would be fine) for the GW game, a friend of mine wants to bring his two kids. Let me know, thanks! Ed
  11. WestEndEd

    Should we even have a home and home with UR?

    So; We sell out every game, so we don't need to schedule someone because the game will draw. We need to schedule teams that are going to help us get into the big dance. Does playing UR twice every year no matter what make sense anymore? When is the last time playing them helped anyone get...
  12. WestEndEd

    Just how much of a family are the Ramily?

    Mending Jacob's Broken Heart Gofundme page Hey; If you were at the last home game you probably saw the pre game video. It was about two VCU alums and huge fans who have not been to a game in a while. You can read the details on the link above, but long story short two of our own are have...
  13. WestEndEd

    VCU's on Campus confederate statue---

    VCU's on Campus confederate statue--- I would say if some one wants to "preserve history" they should feel free to move the statue to either a Civil War battlefield or private property. My second choice would be a plaque putting it into context.
  14. WestEndEd

    VCU and Papa Johns

    Hello; I wanted to share my opinion, as an alumni, father of an undergraduate student, season ticket holder and donor, that VCU should follow the lead of other organizations and end our relationship with Papa John's Pizza. I have included a link to an article outlining some of the latest in...
  15. WestEndEd

    Should we still have.....

    A set conference schedule? If you look at the link above, you'll see the interesting, moneyball way that the C-USA is changing up the conference schedule. The first part is a regualr schedule, but then, the second part is designed so that the top five seeds will play each other round robin...
  16. WestEndEd

    What impact will legalized gambling have on VCU basketball? Here's my take: As a common sense move to stop gamblers from influencing kids, stipends will go way up, so the kids are not impoverished. Not because it’s the right thing, although...
  17. WestEndEd

    Should we still have Gold Rush Dancers? Guys; Do you think there is still a place for Gold Rush Dancers at VCU games in 2018?
  18. WestEndEd

    Baseball reminder

    Guys; VCU Baseball is on a 13 game win streak, and if you have all sports passes admission is free. The weather is turning nice, and every Sunday game at the Diamond for has dollar hot dogs. Just wanted to remind everyone
  19. WestEndEd

    VCU Rainbow Sparkle kitty thread positive thread

    Because anything, even a pointless poll, is better than the drama is some threads. Tillman had a great year. SM and MSS have a lot of promise. We have recruits coming in. And we don't live in Oleans.
  20. WestEndEd

    Two tickets for Valentine's day

    Row E section 2, you will be able to tell McKillop what you think as he wa.ks out, text me at 8042917559 Commonwealth room access, asking 25 a piece or 40 for the pair