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  1. VAHills

    2021 4* top 60 center Roosevelt Wheeler officially visited vcu this past weekend!!

    I didn’t know at the time @MobileMunchies, but based on some after the game IG sleuthing, I believe it was actually Efton Reid.
  2. VAHills

    The Official Beat the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks Thread

    My brother-in-law got a ticket off of RamCrazy also. I’ll be a row behind you bang.
  3. VAHills

    Ticket sales down?

    Beginning with the 2020-21 season, season tickets will be limited to a maximum of 6 per account.
  4. VAHills

    Ticket sales down?

    Form the announcement on the donation changes they made for tax laws Back during the Summer, the limit has changed to 6 tickets for all donor levels, even those that only make the minimum $250 donation per ticket. At one time it was on the RAF site, but I noticed recently that I couldn’t find it...
  5. VAHills

    Emerald Coast Classic

    Do you mean through VCU or through the venue? If VCU, yes, I've received mine.
  6. VAHills

    2019-2020 Opponent Tracking

    I hate to say it, but I respect Rhody’s game. Talented and tough.
  7. VAHills

    More VCU press from The Athletic

    I have confirmed, at least for this article, that this is sadly NOT true.
  8. VAHills

    More VCU press from The Athletic

    FYI, I’ve discovered (though can’t confirm if still true until later) that if you have the iPad app, you can read up to 5 Athletic articles for free each month using their app.
  9. VAHills

    Season Tickets

    Not sure. I interpreted you could get one season ticket, and up to 6, with a minimum donation of $250 per ticket. But you had to give a minimum of $1500 above that to get benefits such as hospitality room access. I think the updated RAF chart is online at VCU athletics website.
  10. VAHills

    Season Tickets

    I think the changes they made to allow for tax deductions caused some changes to the donor levels that previously received hospitality benefits. I think you have to be at the $1500 donation level (above the required $250 donation per ticket) to get the room benefits.
  11. VAHills

    Login System Update

    But one of the perks of the insider subscription was no ads, but I’m seeing a ton. My insider just renewed so it may be related. @MattRock
  12. VAHills

    Login System Update

    Anyone else seeing ads today where you weren’t before?
  13. VAHills

    Countdown to the Black & Gold Game

    Terrence Shannon.
  14. VAHills

    Running down an old "urban legend" about Butler VS VCU

    Johnny Williams was one, from what I recall. Not sure about the 2nd one.
  15. VAHills

    News New Downtown Arena

    We've got both Arena and Center covered (EJ Wade Arena at the Stuart Siegel Center).
  16. VAHills

    Season prediction (2019-20) - thru Selection Sunday Mar 2020

    Put me down for 25-6 regular season, and 34-6 final record. Maybe 34-6 is a bit high, but I do think we can get 30 wins this year.
  17. VAHills

    Ticket Re-sells

    I actually need to sell my four tickets to the exhibition game on 10/26. Super bummed to miss it, but we were triple booked that night. Section 21 (bleachers, northwest corner, but 3rd row from bottom of that section).
  18. VAHills

    The 2019-20 Season

    I gather from this the game counts as a practice, and coach would prefer the time be spent practicing, but he understands it from the fan engagement perspective, and the guys like having the chance to play to a crowd. Otherwise though, this thread is near legend status between DLs wish for...
  19. VAHills

    "Fair Pay to play Act "and it's impact on VCU

    As long as there is no quid pro quo, this is fine!