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  1. N Mollen

    Players Welcome to VCU, Jamir Watkins!!!!!

    Beat out VA Tech, Seton Hall, St John's, and WVa. Staff is KILLING IT!!!!
  2. N Mollen

    Recruiting Welcome to VCU, Josh Banks!

    GREAT pull for the staff, up against late offers from VA Tech, Providence and Temple. Great size and skills. Ace + Banks is a h3ll of a start to the 2020 class!
  3. N Mollen

    More VCU press from The Athletic

    Long featured piece on Marcus. The Athletic is the best sports journalism in the country right now, and Eamonn likes the Rams. I think there is a 40% off deal floating around (if not, it periodically come around) His teammates understood. Of course, they did. Did that make it better? Of...
  4. N Mollen

    News Story about Franklin Street Gym and VCU Basketball: Worth subscribing to The Athletic for This is HUGE pub for the program. HUGE feature.
  5. N Mollen

    Nah'Shon Hyland joins the fold

    It's a big one, boys and girls.
  6. N Mollen

    Staff Congratulations Coach!

  7. N Mollen

    ACE IS A RAM!!!!

  8. N Mollen

    Sean Gone

  9. N Mollen

    Players Sophomore Marcus Santos-Silva is better than sophomore Mo Alie-Cox

    Mo is an all-time VCU great, and an all-time fan favorite. To this point in his career, Marcus is better. The stats don't lie; they confirm what you see on the court. Mo is a better athlete than Marcus. No shame there; Mo is a better athlete than just about anyone. Bus sophomore Marcus is...
  10. N Mollen

    Players Welcome the Rams, Tre Clark!

    This became urgent when UVa coaches were in to see Tre twice in a week's time. No way to know for sure, of course, but it appears as though they were after him. Great pick up for Mike and crew.
  11. N Mollen

    Need 2 for WSU 12/22

    Anyone? Headed to stubhub but wanted to check here first
  12. N Mollen

    Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?

    Big deal or big marketing? Headed to the AAC? Or hiring professional floor moppers?
  13. N Mollen


    I hope you will forgive this off-topic, non-political, all-civic message. Exercise your franchise, no matter who you support. People have died so that you could. No excuses!
  14. N Mollen

    Players Rest in peace, Jabo

    One of the all-time greats. I can't say I ever saw him play, but friends of mine did, and from what I heard, he would have been a star in any era. We've lost a special member of Ram Nation
  15. N Mollen

    Recruiting Welcome to the 2019 Recruiting Class

    Might as well get this started. First member, our PWO:
  16. N Mollen

    Players Again!

  17. N Mollen

    Staff Welcome Coach Brunt!

    This deserves a thread of its own. A SLAM DUNK hire by Coach Rhoades. Could not be more pleased. BIG TIME
  18. N Mollen

    Players The Vince Williams Thread

    I am starting a Vince thread because he deserves it and because it will help a bit push the bull$h!t "woe is me our program is dying" crapola off the first page Last night Vince and his team just edged out Ashland in the Sectional semifinals 69-27. Vince had 23 points. In 23 minutes...
  19. N Mollen

    Transfer without sitting for a year?

    Would we be net winners or losers in this scenario?
  20. N Mollen

    Exhibit A

    The negativity here after a loss matters. The "free speech" idiots claim that "no one pays any attention to posts on the internet" and "if they can't handle it they need to toughen up," but this is Exhibit A that the incessant b!tching about the players, the coaches, and the program can be a...