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  1. myrtlebeachramfan

    10 for sale Cleveland St

    Not going to make it to Cleveland state game. GREAT CHRISTMAS / NEW YEARS GIFTS 10 available. $25 each (I'll UPS ) no charge Section 35 Row W Seat 1-4 Section 35 Row V Seat 8-13
  2. myrtlebeachramfan

    Best Place For Out-of-towner To Get Tix?

    I have been able to see VCU many times over the last few years on the road, but would love to be able to catch a home game again. I've read several threads on how people sell tix outside the SC before the game... That is a risk for me being 6 hours away. Where is the best place to get tix? We...
  3. myrtlebeachramfan

    ANOTHER VCU Vote Needed is celebrating 75 years of the tourney. VCU is up for top moment
  4. myrtlebeachramfan

    Pure shooters vs Points from Turnovers

    Not one to start many topics but I have noticed that VCU has trouble making shots. We have had some high % shooting games but they seem to go hand in hand with Good D to easy buckets.. Other than Daniels and Burgess everyone else struggles to get the ball in the bucket. Rob B has had some...
  5. myrtlebeachramfan

    Rob Brandenberg getting noticed ... ID=1246601 August 4, 2011 Steve Megargee College Basketball Staff Writer 67 24Email8 Wednesday, we provided our list of 12 frontcourt players who could have breakthrough seasons in 2011-12. Today, we look at a dozen backcourt guys who...
  6. myrtlebeachramfan

    Unlikely pairings don’t hurt Final Four ratings

    From ... ur-ratings I would like to think we picked up a few fans out of the 14.2 million viewers :D
  7. myrtlebeachramfan

    Get Your Tickets Now

    This year I went to UNCW game in Wilmington and bought my ticket at the door. I would guess this great run will attract new VCU fans and BB fans who just want to see a tourney champion :D play. Next years Charleston Classic is an early tourney which will IMO be promoting VCU as the Headliner...
  8. myrtlebeachramfan

    Butler look-a-like thread

    Stress free thread.
  9. myrtlebeachramfan

    Vegas Odds Makers Fear Rams Winning It All

    Vegas scared of vcu! Saw this thought it was interesting read. Wish I still gambled! ... id=6264986 "VCU is the one team that we don't want to win," he said. "Every other team is good for the house." "Given the lines set in each game, the odds were...
  10. myrtlebeachramfan

    griffin congratulated by E6? ... nba-323831 Check at about the 2:07 mark looks like Eric congratulating Griffin after the dunk.
  11. myrtlebeachramfan


    1.5 days till we tip off again. Towson is up at halftime vs UNCW. This would be a crushing blow to our high we are currently on so lets stick it to them..... I see their rebounding rank is worse than ours so that is a relief. Also saw they only have 7 players on the court - what's the story...
  12. myrtlebeachramfan

    The CAA is gaining momentum for Big Dance bids

    Saw this - thought some might be interested http://college-basketball-blog.blogs.cb ... 6/27156385 article about Hoftra's Jenkins as well if interested. http://college-basketball-blog.blogs.cb ... 6/27155779
  13. myrtlebeachramfan

    let the topics begin

    OK JOEY, i am not saying he is good or bad, BUT i am saying i need to see more consistancy out of my PG. He is an undersized D1 player who plays taller. but this year he is missing something? not sure what it is? Nixon, looks good on D but seems to be lacking the O. Coach, not sure about the...
  14. myrtlebeachramfan

    Keys To Victory

    If you have 3 areas VCU needs to excell in tonight to get the W - what would they be? 1. Get hot early - shots need to drop for buzzer to buzzer 2. control Tempo - we win with more possession opportunites 3. make Free Throws - speaks for itself - ODU shot 90% tonight and is in the game for...
  15. myrtlebeachramfan

    Basketball Preview show

    Just signed up and paid my $60 for the games and saw there was a preview that started at 6. I cannot connect so must have missed it. anyone else catch it?
  16. myrtlebeachramfan

    ESPN Blue Ribbon preview: VCU ... %3d5752645 ESPN posted blue ribbon preview of CAA Yesterday - did not know if posted yet. VCU's is FREE the rest of the league previews you must be an insider.
  17. myrtlebeachramfan

    Jay Bias: Ranking college conferences

    ESPN's jAY Bilas- "Picking the best college basketball conference in the country is tougher and more subjective than selecting the top football teams in the BCS, and it is almost as controversial. It is an argument worthy only of a barstool, and there is no trophy or banner awarded to the best...
  18. myrtlebeachramfan

    ESPN giving some love to Jenkins and Hofstra

    Noticed ESPN giving some love to Jenkins and Hofstra today in 2 seperate articles. "Hofstra: New coach Mo Cassara has a future pro guard in Charles Jenkins (20.6 ppg) and a young team that's ready to make noise in the CAA. Do not be stunned...
  19. myrtlebeachramfan

    VCU Advent Calendar Countdown

    Crap! one of these days I will figure out how to load an image. :evil: :oops: How do I make it fit the window???
  20. myrtlebeachramfan

    Malcolm Brogdon Peach Jam suprise player

    From ESPN Site NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- Day 1 of the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League Finals at the Peach Jam got off to a great start, as the elite Nike travel teams that qualified for the finals began action. It seems as if every college in the nation is represented, and the atmosphere in the...