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  1. DevDog

    Players and Coaches Social Media dilemma

    Things have become really toxic lately.It's not right, I know, but what good does it do you to see someone trolling you. In my experience, most fans are respectful, hardworking people, but every fan base has those few couch coaches ready to fire off hot takes when the team loses. If you can't...
  2. DevDog

    Senior Class

    Contrary to what many people believe, this season is far from over. We are 12-5 with no bad losses. I think what has disappointed people this year comes from the inflated expectations put on the shoulders of these seniors. This team is a better team than last year's team; we have just lost to...
  3. DevDog

    2018-19 Most Valuable

    We all know Marcus Evans is the heart and soul of this team and hands down the most valuable. Him aside who do you think was the second most valuable player ? Whose game (play / skill set) surprised you most? Which player do you believe will be the most improved next season?
  4. DevDog


    This season has been rough. Come on March!
  5. DevDog

    Game Day Rituals

    In the spirit to lighten the mood around here Ramily tell me about your Game Day Rituals. For me I have 4 VCU shirts I wear in rotation . 2 Gold and 2 Black. I wear one shirt every game until we lose and then on to the next shirt... Oh and I NEVER where grey with my VCU gear on game day...
  6. DevDog

    The A10 - P5 Boneyard

    I can't remember if there has been any other conference that have had head Coaches poached more then the A10 lately. Since joining , Shaka, Archie, Will Wade all have moved on. Not counting the GW coach who was canned . I don't think Rhody's coach will be there for too long either. Its...
  7. DevDog

    How to fix the Havoc ?

    It's obvious our defense is bad. Is it even fair to label our defense Havoc? I think Mike Rhoades is a good coach, but the lack of adjustments made on defense has been questionable. Who knows, maybe he feels that learning his defensive scheme is a process that has to be worked through. I just...
  8. DevDog

    VCU Player Fun Fact

    The offseason bores me ...while doing a little Ram research I found something interesting... Which two players on our current roster were opponents who faced each other before. The teams were not AAU or Highschool basketball.... The person who gets this right gets a million ca trillion...
  9. DevDog

    Women Black and Gold game.

    Can we make this happen. It would be nice to see the women play before the mens game. If we can have an alumni game. This shouldn't be too far off.
  10. DevDog

    We Need a Point Guard

    Making the case for the opposition....We need a Guard! With Tyler Maye being the only backup to JWill and us having JTill, Mobley, Santos-Silva, Djonkam, and Lane playing the post it makes no sense getting another post player. Lets get a Guard!
  11. DevDog

    We Need a Post Player

    Am I stating the obvious? I know good post players are hard to find this time of year. I just REALLY hope we can find a quality eligible transfer 6-9 or above to replace Hamdy. Both Lane and Tillman are too small to go up against traditional bigs , an our freshman aren't ready. In each of our...
  12. DevDog

    7 foot Usman Haruna

    Looking at this kid play I'm not sure why so many people were down on this guy. No offense to MK but he looks much better and more refined then Kiir. Look at Kiir Highlight reel and then look at Haruna. This kid looks and is older and more refined. Will be a little more ready to deal with D1...
  13. DevDog

    This is my fault

    The board is full of lunacy after my Emerson Burke threat. What have I done.. said in my Anakin voice after saving Palpatine
  14. DevDog

    Reflections on the 2016-17 season

    Seasons over. Lets reflect on it!
  15. DevDog

    Freshman Development

    I've been saying this all season, but I truly believe we need to keep developing our freshman. Averaging 3 to 5 minutes a game is going to hurt us next year big time with a team full of seniors. Malik is hands down our second best shooter, yes even better then Samir. With DJ out the kid need...
  16. DevDog

    Battle for Atlantis takeaways

    Going into this tournament I was hopeful that we would atleast compete. Well we did more then that. My takeaway from this tournamet is we are a good team.
  17. DevDog

    Torey vs. Jordan R.

    After seeing Torey in extended minutes a few times this year, and Jordan in short spurts it got me thinking who is the better of the two Walk-on 's. Torey is definitely a defensive pest but his jump shot needs a little work. Jordan appears to have a smooth rhythm to his shot , not too sure about...
  18. DevDog

    Chillax !

    Today's loss like many was a tough pill to swallow, but you know what this Was a good loss. Many of you will rag on JQ, but today he played solid, for the most part the team played solid. I was sitting court level and I saw a our team giving it there ALL. What more can you ask? Yes , its...
  19. DevDog


    Had to post this here since I know some don't visit the women forum. I think the women are about to get a great win. CHECK OUT THE LIVE STREAM.
  20. DevDog

    Who Calfs are Bigger ?

    Who has the bigger calfs Mo or J. Will ? Who calfs are smaller Dougy B. or Mike G?