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  1. ShoeSh1ne

    The Official Beat The Fayers in Ohio Thread

    Tip at 8, which means I'll be tucked into bed around 9:15. Never not looked forward to a big game like this like I am now. Just want to get it over with and then hopefully go on a nice long win streak.
  2. ShoeSh1ne

    The Official Beat the GooMoos in NoVa Thread

    Not to look ahead, but I don't think we'll have to worry about motivation against URI given how last season ended.
  3. ShoeSh1ne

    Reseating Thread

    Yeah that can't be right. Currently I give $1k. I get 4 seats at ~$275/ticket putting me at around $2100 total. If the lowest level will be $1500 starting next year, and lets say $275 again for each ticket then I would only need to give $400 to reach $1500. A reseating that results in VCU...
  4. ShoeSh1ne

    Reseating Thread

    Are you sure? I'm almost positive I got something. I even remember that my donation has to increase to stay at my current level. Edit: Can't find the email but the site has the new levels. Minimum donation is now $1500:
  5. ShoeSh1ne

    Holiday Tournaments for the Next 5 Years

    Oh no, I absolutely put that on my calendar. Disappointing.
  6. ShoeSh1ne

    2020 Charleston Classic

    Last time we did this it wasn't ever full, so should be easier to get tickets. SHU brought a lot of people and should again, Charleston is in it, so maybe there's a local influx.
  7. ShoeSh1ne

    Ticket sales down?

    This may vary, but for me for 4 seats I'm at the $1k level. Ticket was like $475/each. So close to $2k all in.
  8. ShoeSh1ne

    New unofficial gathering spot?

    That's Drive Shack. Top Golf is in the city.
  9. ShoeSh1ne

    Login System Update

    Seems to be an issue for me accessing Insider content. Saying I don't have permission.
  10. ShoeSh1ne

    Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)

    I get the region part, not playing OE every year would be nice. But I think the name should stick. You guys created this site and a brand that should stay. But as far as being criticized for not picking VCU dudes, screw those people. Like you've said, anyone can get a team together if they want...
  11. ShoeSh1ne

    Team Ramnation (TBT 2019)

    Any place to get a weekend ticket? I swore it was an option but now I can't seem to find it.
  12. ShoeSh1ne

    PJ Byrd to transfer

    OMG where is time going?
  13. ShoeSh1ne

    Holiday Tournaments for the Next 5 Years

    Well now, still just 2/5.
  14. ShoeSh1ne

    Sean Gone

    Ironically, he'd be great at UR.
  15. ShoeSh1ne

    Rhoades watch

    We offered Shaka 2.5 I believe. Money wasn't the issue.
  16. ShoeSh1ne

    Holiday Tournaments for the Next 5 Years

    Went 2-1 at the BFA in 2016.
  17. ShoeSh1ne

    Rhoades watch

    He means from 3.
  18. ShoeSh1ne

    Let me ask you about Recruiting

    This is so good.
  19. ShoeSh1ne

    Former Recruits and Players

    We essentially replaced him with Vince Williams.
  20. ShoeSh1ne

    Planning Brooklyn!: 2019 A-10 Tournament Edition

    Should be fine, prices for Fri, Sat and Sun sessions are about $20 on StubHub if you'd rather have them before.