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  1. The ram

    I love our “small gym”

    Some people think we are small, but I think we are very big. Our arena holds only 7600 people but at times compares to the volume of 70,000 person college football game. Skyler Mayes mentioned this in the post game press conference “This is my 4th year of college basketball and this is the...
  2. The ram

    Players All A10 teams and other A10 awards

    This year VCU could possibly have 4 players in the all A10 teams and possibly a player of the year... my thought on player of the years is definitly: Khalif Wyatt Defensive player of the year: Brifence/Ramburgler Rookie of the year: Semaj Christon Coach of the year: Jim Crews All A10 team...
  3. The ram

    Mo Alie-Cox first team all state

    via Facebook were proud of you Mo can't wait to see you next year!
  4. The ram

    Match ups-VCU vs Indiana

    Burgess on Oladipo Theus on Hulls Haley on Zeller Reddick on Watford Daniels on Sheehy What do my fellow Ram fans think?
  5. The ram

    The Larry Sanders show Larry Sanders interviewing people :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. The ram

    improvement is beautiful
  7. The ram

    luke hancock to transfer

    on espn it says he is probably going to attend louisville
  8. The ram

    George Mason hits gold

    espn 100 recruit eric copes wow i'm actually scared
  9. The ram

    Willie Cauley

    I know this guy is out of vcu's league but i think this guy would be a perfect fit for vcu ... lie-cauley
  10. The ram

    Treveon Graham

    How underated was his espn grade
  11. The ram

    VCU when J reddic,Brandenburg, and Haley are seniors

    Will they be a better team than this years final four squad?