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  1. Tedicola


    Oh well...Not our night.Thanks for a great year guys! Looking forward to an even better showing next year!
  2. Tedicola

    The Official Beat the Wahoos in Hooville Thread

    The good: We played 32 minutes of solid basketball on both ends. Defense is off the chain good. Silva played another solid game. Mobley looked healthy. The bad: last 10 minutes all offense went out the window and we reverted to one-on-one basketball with no passing, motion or ball screens...
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    2018-19 Opponent Tracking

    Or UR... far fetched and would make me throw up but he does like RICHMOND and they need someone who can recruit and rebuild quickly.
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    The Official Beat The Texas Longhorns Thread

    Agree. Why Shaka didn’t bang it inside on his last 2 possessions is unexcuseable. They scored at Will once in the paint on us. Great D guys and great win. Let’s go see them Cville Hoos and get another one ... this feels good!
  5. Tedicola

    Honestly, do you root for or against Shaka's Texas team?

    Agree. From what I saw Radfords D has something to do with that. We can do the same thing.
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    Honestly, do you root for or against Shaka's Texas team?

    Impressive win and maintained their composure when Texas turned a Radford 7 point lead into a 1 point advantage in final 3+ minutes. Made stops and hit foul shots. THAT is how you close out games...
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    Official Fodu Thread

    Good he should be. Sometimes you need to give a swift kick to motivate. Maybe he should do a little more of this when they play like they did.
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    Official Fodu Thread

    Remember when havoc used to create turnovers and wear the other team down. In the first half of most games this year we’ve been a little havoc-ie but come the second half it seems we’re just going through the paces and not committed to it which results in hesitation which gets us to the ball a...
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    2018-19 Opponent Tracking

    Agree. They look very quick and active on both ends. They have both inside and outside game and certainly “keep the ball hot.” Will be a tough out in Austin for us.
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    Tickets for @ ur game

    I’ll take 2 if any come available. Thanks for doing this!
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    The Offical Beat the Bowling Green Falcons Thread

    First game in person this year. Great to be back in the Stu. I like this team, their energy on D and support for one another. One nit that I wish would get some attention...follow your shot. Quite a few times over the past 3 games we could have gotten our own rebound if we just followed our...
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    The 2018-19 Season

    That’s fair- I can’t disagree. That said he’s got a sweet stroke and given space “should” do some damage and help keep other D’s honest. We need a pg that can take it up strong off the bounce. I just don’t see him doing much more than bringing it up and gettting it into a play makers hands...
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    The 2018-19 Season

    Crow is steady- Eddie out there with the rock for sure. My opinion- getting him time at the 2 is critical to our success. This will allow him to square up on more shots which will result in a much needed boost to our 3pt shooting. If Byrd continues to makes meaningful progress and Evans...
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    2018-19 Opponent Tracking

    Rats... didn’t realize that.
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    2018-19 Opponent Tracking

    What can they say... ? We have more players in the NFL (1-0), more receptions (4-0), more touchdowns (1-0) get the idea... our Football program is light years ahead of theirs already.
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    Touchdown Mo!

    Awesome catch! Way to go Mo! Love the call...” just like he did on the basketball court at VCU!”
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    The Official Beat The Fayers in The Animal Thread

    Enjoyed the game and atmosphere at the Stu last night. Could have done without the comeback and OT but really glad to get the win. Guys played hard for most of the game until around the 6 min mark where it felt like they were playing to “not lose” . I get shot clock management but ride what is...
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    The Official Beat Fur in the RC (Hate Week Part Two)

    Just want to see a full 40 minutes of effort and good basketball. Have not played a total game yet this year. Full 40 and our record is much different.
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    The Official Beat The Seton Hall University Pirates Thread

    Agree. After we make a shot and set up our back court pressure, we need a third man to anticipate the outlet or pass up the court quicker. It’s been said here multiple times that Havoc takes time (and I agree) but we’ve got to anticipate The next pass and take some chances. Otherwise we’re just...
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    Former Recruits and Players

    Worked with Vince when he taught at the Virginia Home for Boys. Ed Sherod worked there at the same time. Had great pick up games of BBall after school Ed could still shoot the rock! Both were great teachers coaches and special people that loved working with the the boys. Tell Vince Tom from VHB...