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  1. Ramdog

    Two for LSU

    Section 9 row V seats 1&2 Make me an offer
  2. Ramdog

    The basketball show

    if you guys are not listening to the Basketball show at 5 on Fridays you a missing a great hour of hoops talk ... it is on Burton's Show and has Rodney Ashby & Mike Ellis. Covers the State teams & some national stuff. Good Radio. Didn't want this post to get lost in a thread. Think you guys...
  3. Ramdog

    I am buying stock in Rhoades

    I am pissed at the last two losses...the manner much more so than the simple result. But not as much ...I am Coach Rhoades Lots of deserved angst and criticism of the teams play over the last few games. We haven't found our footing for sure and it's getting late. But looking long...
  4. Ramdog

    parking pass

    looking for one for the season in the broad st or bowie deck
  5. Ramdog

    All you "let's play zone " guys
  6. Ramdog

    Embarrassingly small turnout

    No I am not talking the sparse crowd @ Towson for the JMU game ( which was amazingly small) The turnout for our Rock Star coach @ his radio show was equally small. Ramnation needs to do better
  7. Ramdog

    Disturbing trend

    We cannot defend the three and we can make the three..finally cost us
  8. Ramdog

    c'mon Times Dispatch

    "Grant said Rams learned lot on Italy adventure "
  9. Ramdog

    How good we have it

    Check out the Drexel v W&M game on TV.....and they are in first riding a heck of a winning streak. pathetic, yeah let's move the tourney up that way
  10. Ramdog


    Back to back great games....senior leadership at just the right time
  11. Ramdog

    Just need to play better

    Starting tonight. Get after it,play F'ing hard, get on the floor ,crash the boards,run the court,play with high intensity. I will let the message board coaches pontificate on the particulars. I think the above will take care of all our problems.
  12. Ramdog


    Accept demotion like a man. Keep working your ass off . Get called back up and hit a bomb for the big club. Lesson in that for all of us. He is a pro
  13. Ramdog

    Friday Club seats

    Both sessions for sale
  14. Ramdog

    darn shame

    Troy get his first start as a Ram and breaks a bone in his foot two minutes in...he will be missed. We looked a little thin last night
  15. Ramdog

    and it

    is Friday....ODU,UR & Vatech all go down...nice way to start the weekend
  16. Ramdog

    Thata boy Joe

    Van Meter blasted three home runs to lead the Rams past a very good VMI club. Go Rams
  17. Ramdog

    They are selling it...

    VCU fans aint buying it another sad crowd tonight
  18. Ramdog

    Time better spent

    For the players...Go to class... get in the weight on individual skills (Larry can meet with his agent) Why in the heck would we play in this "pay for play" Tourney? I am sure this is covered in other threads but I didn’t feel like wading thru to find them. I may be the minority...
  19. Ramdog

    Money well spent

    I missed my first home game in serveral years ( GSU) just could not see risking the family on the drive from deep in Chesterfield. When I saw the weather forcast for this weekend, I went out and bought a nice 4x4 truck for the ride in...I love that truck, not sure I would like it near as much...
  20. Ramdog


    How bad was that atmosphere last night at Delaware… Pathetic ...darn that was embarrassing for the whole conference...look to be about 200 disinterested people there. Nice showing on the U