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  1. Cyniclone

    New VCU beat writer at the Times-Dispatch^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author Wayne Epps Jr., a reporter on the high school beat who got promoted. Tim Pearrell is still at the T-D, from what I understand. Anyone know this guy, or read his stuff in the T-D?
  2. Cyniclone

    This is how I know I've spent too much time at VCURN

    Because of how I read this headline from the T-D:
  3. Cyniclone

    Schedule Semi-ish on-topic: ACC moving to 20-game conference schedule in 209 Who knows what the landscape will look like in 2019, of course, but if we presume that everyone is in an exempt tournament (you get 27 games with a...
  4. Cyniclone

    OT: VCU to require students to get at least one tattoo

    im gonna get a tattoo of a BUTT ... with a BUTT-shaped tattoo on it ... and then im gonna get it on my BUTT that would be cool
  5. Cyniclone

    Lady Rams earn Women's NIT bid St. Louis and Dayton join VCU in the 64-team field. Brackets and game dates/times to be announced at 11:30 p.m. ET
  6. Cyniclone

    News Bruiser Flint out at Drexel I was going to wonder if this was the end of the line for Bruiser, but I did not realize he was only 50 even after 15 seasons at Drexel and five at UMass. He'd have to go small D-1 or D-2 for his next job, or perhaps an assistant at...
  7. Cyniclone

    Wichita State to start football?

  8. Cyniclone

    What If: VCU was invited to C-USA in 1996?

    Not much going on outside of the decommit drama of the would-be 2015 recruiting class, so I throw this hypothetical out there to gin up a different conversation: In 1995, Conference USA was created out of a de facto merger of the Metro and Great Midwest conferences and the addition of Houston...
  9. Cyniclone

    Anthony Grant out at Bama
  10. Cyniclone

    Bracketology thread

    Bracket Matrix updated today. VCU is a 4 seed in the consensus, appearing in all 26 brackets. Highest seed is a 2, lowest a 7. The A-10 has three in the consensus: Dayton is an 8, though they're only in 15 brackets, and GW is a 9. Davidson is on eight brackets, while Rhode Island and UMass are...
  11. Cyniclone

    Website has Graham as 39th best player in college basketball No Briante tho. Edit: I'm not smart. This was covered in the media mentions thread. :oops::cry:
  12. Cyniclone

    SMU 5-star PG Emmanuel Mudiay going pro overseas Big blow for the Ponies, who were a probable top 20 team and AAC favorite this season..
  13. Cyniclone

    Providence AD: No expansion for Big East Also, Providence is angling for the 2017/2018 A-10 tourney. Other cities up for one or both: Washington, Pittsburgh and ... Orlando. Maybe Florida Gulf Coast is...
  14. Cyniclone

    Henrico Citizen: Two UR staff members killed in balloon crash Pretty horrifying stuff.
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    I tried to log in to the forum through it, but it said that the administrator disabled access. A hiccup or is it true? Posting on my iOS devices is water torture.
  16. Cyniclone

    Knight fired after Saturday's embarrassing performance

    Lamar relieved coach Pat Knight of his duties Sunday after a 3-22 record so far this season. Knight was in his third season with Lamar and had two more seasons left on his contract. Lamar was 2-11 in the Southland this season and lost by 20 points to Northwestern State Saturday...
  17. Cyniclone

    Looking for 1 for Road Aisle Land

    Not picky where. As Minnie Pearl used to say, I'm jest so proud to be here. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. Cyniclone

    Has the USA Today basketball preview publication come out yet?

    Because if it hasn't, I think I might have briefly gotten my hands on it early. And if it has, well, I'm surprised that there hasn't been a lot more talk about it. Or maybe I can't into forum search.