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  1. RAM_IT

    2 Tickets Wanted - 10/26 Exhibition Game

    2 Tickets Wanted - 10/26 Exhibition Game VCU grad here, I live near Campus and work near U of R, flexible on pickup. Go Rams!
  2. RAM_IT

    Wanted 2 for GW Game

    Message me or text 757-660-8899 if you have 2 extra GW tickets. Looking to take my dad for his birthday. Thanks!
  3. RAM_IT

    2 free tickets to GMU game

    2 tickets - free if you can meet outside of stadium. Quick text 757-660-8899. Avalanche until post is deleted or updated.
  4. RAM_IT

    2 Wanted for St. Joes

    Im hoping to find 2 tickets so I can take my dad to the St. Joseph's game on Saturday as a late Christmas gift to go with the new "VCU Swag" I got him. I'm a 27 year old alumni and he is a huge fan as well. Reply, PM or text 757-660-8899 if you have 2 available. Go VCU!
  5. RAM_IT

    2 Tickets Wanted for Exibition Game Tomorrow

    If anyone has 2 decent tickets to the exhibition tomorrow they can't use I would do up to $40 cash for the pair. Would pay more for regular season games and am looking to pick up some tickets to a few of those as well. I live near VCU and work near U of R and can pick up with cash if fairly...
  6. RAM_IT

    Two Tickets Wanted for Rhode Island Game - Good Cause

    Looking for two decent tickets to the Rhode Island game this Thursday to help create a new Ram fan. I can pick them up and pay cash.