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  1. ViCtorioUs

    An Open Letter to Marcus Evans

    Dear Marcus, I think I can speak for much of Ramnation when I say to you that you have nothing to prove to us.We have seen your character in rehabbing two very serious Achilles injuries. Your tenacity on and off the court is something we have witnessed since your arrival here. Your explosive...
  2. ViCtorioUs

    Fantasy 3

    Anyone want to play fantasy 3? Top 3 Ram scorers. Most accurate combined score of both teams is the tie breaker.
  3. ViCtorioUs

    Players Most Fun to Watch

    Because there is a dearth of news about VCU basketball and because we are all jonesin’ to talk about something I thought about who is my favorite player to watch. West End Ed has ruined polls on here for me so could we just make this a discussion? However feel free to use the gfy option when...
  4. ViCtorioUs

    Ram Fans: Time to Hunker Down

    I post this here because it is off season and the possibility exists that Florence may affect many of us in the coming days. Prepare and stay safe my friends. Rudyard Kipling
  5. ViCtorioUs

    Men’s Basketball Budgets Around the Commonwealth and the A10

    Numbers game: check out DI men's basketball budgets around Virginia and the A-10 The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act requires Division I schools to submit annual reports to the Department of Education that detail athletic participation, staffing and revenues and expenses for men’s and...
  6. ViCtorioUs

    Big Summer Fan Contest

    The above are pictures from a Rams team circa nunya business. This is a contest to name each player. The person(s) to name the most players will win big prizes. First Prize, a week at @VRam's house in South Florida. Tennis on his private court every day. Second Prize, a full day of Gulfstream...
  7. ViCtorioUs

    Your All Time Defensive Team

    All right, since we place such a premium on defense around here why don't you give me your best starting defensive minded team. Mine would be, Ren Watson Ro Lamb Bri Weber Neal Wake Mike Schlegel
  8. ViCtorioUs

    Happy New Year

    From Lord Ram aka ViCtorioUs It's good to be a Ram.
  9. ViCtorioUs

    Recruiting Lavar Batts

    Top-100 point guard Lavar Batts signs with VCU
  10. ViCtorioUs

    The Most Entertaining Player

    As it is remains off season and we are all suffering from a dearth of information about the team and the players I though a little poll and discussion about the most entertaining Ram you have seen playing might be in order. Since I am presenting this I am listing the players I feel were the most...
  11. ViCtorioUs

    Summer Thread

    I know this belongs in another forum but if the mods would kindly leave it up for a few days I know that some of you would get a kick out of it. If anyone can name all the players pictured without cheating you will win the ViCtorioUs seal of approval and possibly a beer if you can pin me down.
  12. ViCtorioUs

    Nicky Jones

    My friends, fellow fans and former classmates. One of our own, Nicky Jones, has recently suffered some setbacks that have adversely affected him emotionally and physically. As I work with his wife I know that RamNation could positively do something to buoy his spirits. I know many of you...
  13. ViCtorioUs

    Pot Shots from the Peanut Gallery

    Geno Auriema, women's basketball coach at UConn recently weighed in on the college men's game we all love so much. He actually referred to the game as a "joke". Mark Cuban the owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks then criticized the college game as not doing enough to prepare players for the NBA...
  14. ViCtorioUs

    Rick Barnes Out at Texas

    Rick Barnes is being released at UT according to the Austin newspaper. He is only the winningest coach in the school's history. Think he could be a GooMoo again?
  15. ViCtorioUs

    Our Destiny

    As far as the regular season goes there are no more important games than the next three. We hold our destiny in our hands. Win and we are champions. Lose and we have to depend on the fortunes or misfortunes of others as to where we end up in the NCAA tournament. If we win the regular season and...
  16. ViCtorioUs

    The Official Piss and Moan Thread

    Here's a thread for all you nattering nabobs, you hand wringers, you teeth gnashers. Here you can bemoan the new unis, disparage the new logo, whine that Haka chant is insensitive, caterwaul that attention whores upset vcurn "traditions", complain that Bri is no point guard, sniffle "when is...
  17. ViCtorioUs

    The Briley Brothers

    In today's RTD is a story about the Briley Brothers reign of terror over the Richmond community. It is a story as horrific as it it is fascinating. Sad and true. The police were able to attribute 11 murders to the gang, but feel they may have killed as many as 20. I can still remember how...
  18. ViCtorioUs

    Broken Water Main Floods Pauley Pavillion

  19. ViCtorioUs

    Patsy Center Attendance to Diminish.

    Looks as if Fairfax County will limit the crowd size at the GooMoo home games. Not that they have been huge to begin with. Just kidding, of course. I have no idea how they will enforce...
  20. ViCtorioUs

    Mike Schlegel's Sister Receives Game Uniform

    I'm sure this belongs in another place, but I wanted as many Ram fans as possible to be aware of this. Chris K writes movingly of this story in his Around the Horns column. It brought a tear to my eye...