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  1. rammed

    Congrats to Allen Edwards

    The Wyoming Cowboys, led by Head Coach Allen Edwards, won the CBI championship in Laramie tonight. Edwards is a former VCU assistant under AG. Tony Pujols, another Grant assistant, is a Wyoming assistant. The Cowboys pounded Coastal Carolina. Cliff Ellis brought oxygen along for his team to...
  2. rammed


    The whiney, "clam" guy gets powerhouse UNC-G. Other than rat face Coach K, I can't think of a more obnoxious, crooked coach.
  3. rammed

    VCU Mike's

    ....Doles, Fling, Brown, Brown (Hopewell), Schlegel (RIP), Hargett (RIP). Did I miss anyone? Of course, Mike Brown of the JD era was an amazing and solid player for us. He came to us from Hopewell HS and Terry Sisisky loved him (He always drew the toughest defender including future NBA player...
  4. rammed

    Beating the Spiders.....

    Please no criticism of this being off-topic (kicking Spider butt is NEVER off-topic). The Lady Rams have taken down the Spiders three (3), yes 3 times this year. Pretty cool in my book. Well done!
  5. rammed

    Benny Dees

    Laid the foundation for our program's success.
  6. rammed

    JQ Lewis

    If I am picking shirt and skins in a pick up game JQ is my first pick. Ha. Seriously, is this guy an all-time Ram or not? And historically - and I mean historically - if we need a guy to knock down free throws, JQ is my man. And his interview post-game was class. Love this guy!!!
  7. rammed

    /davidson v VCU

    Losing to an inferior team is just inexcusable. You guys can pump sunshine, and criticize me, but this was an important game for our NCAA resume. I am scratching my head how we fudgeed this one up...........
  8. rammed

    Are we Ready for a Run?

    I am a bit superstitious, so I hesitate to post this, but looking at the schedule, I think our team is ready for a big start in the A10. The win at GMU was solid and sets the stage. I think WW has our guys starting to gel. Hope I am right. Thoughts?
  9. rammed

    Grayson Allen...................

    has to be one of the all-time worst Dooks and that is saying a lot.
  10. rammed

    Queens Scrimmage and Game one

    Unfortunately I will be in the Mountain West for these first two games. I am happy to give my tickets (no cost) to the first responder to my VCU trivia. We all know that the Burgess family have been wonderful Rams - Bradford and Jordan. Actually we have had one other brother combo in our...
  11. rammed

    Samir Doughty

    I for one cannot wait for this guy to step on the court for the Rams. I am looking forward to his scoring, defense and presence on the court for our team. More than that, I applaud his performance in the classroom for his freshman year - keep it up. Well done Samir. Go get 'em this year!!!!
  12. rammed

    VCU DVDs

    I apologize if this is not the correct forum. I am interest in getting some DVDs for our past three seasons. I know some of you guys have burned DVDs of our games. I am willing to pay very good coin for games you have. Please PM me and let's do business. Thanks guys.
  13. rammed

    Lady Rams

    Congrats on a great win in the tourny and great season. (board police - buzz off)
  14. rammed


    I know I am early with this post, but I wanted to celebrate Korey Billbury's one season as a Ram. What a joy he has been to watch and cheer for. He was an amazing pick-up for this program and other than J. Skeen, I am hard pressed to think of another short-timer who has contributed more to our...
  15. rammed

    Men's BB DVDs

    If anyone has DVDs they are willing to copy for me, I will pay very good $$. I am especially interested in the UR, Davidson and St. Joe's games, but all are on table. Please PM me.
  16. rammed

    Dr. Rao and the Vision for our School

    This guy gets it. We are fortunate to have M. Rao as the leader of our university.....
  17. rammed


    When was the last time we lost three in a row. I need to look that up - doesn't happen too often to our Rams..............
  18. rammed

    Liberty and No Florida Up For Grabs (Free)

    I can't use my tickets for these two game b/c I will be enjoying a white Christmas in the mountain west. First guy to PM with the correct answers to these four questions can have my tickets on the house: (1) Charles Wilkins, one of our early greats, started his career at this NC college. (2)...
  19. rammed

    1968 VCU Rams

    Pretty sure this is our first "VCU" Rams team. Obviously Dees in middle. Jabbo Wilkins is top left. My personal, sentimental favorite is Mike Fling top middle (over Benny's right shoulder). Great guy.
  20. rammed

    Moses Malone RIP

    Man.... sorry to hear this. Makes some of us feel old. A former recruit of VCUs - probably came down to us and Lefty, ABA player initially (Utah Stars) and NBA superstar from Petersburg. Elite big man...