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    Free Throws

    It's long overdue. Our terrible free throw shooting should get its own thread. We got lucky tonight against RI. Mo and JG bailed us out. 9-21 is pathetic for a guard-heavy team.
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    Stollings to Minnesota
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    The Official Beat the Fordham Rams Thread

    Didn't see that there was one started. Hopefully people aren't just taking this game for granted even though THESE Rams are not that good and lost to UMass by +40.
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    Podcast of Basketball Love: Mike Litos For everyone's listening pleasure. Great podcast with Litos.
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    Long legs.....
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    Marlow Talley arrested
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    Lance Kearse trying out at TE with the Jaguars
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    20% off Promo Code for

    Here is a 20% off promo code you can enter when ordering your VCU gear at Code is good until 12/31. Enjoy. FantasyYSS20P
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    Report: CAA officials, AD’s to meet to discuss league’s future Friday

    I think I read somewhere that JMU could have left this year, but something happened and they weren't able to.
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    SI: Best Of The Rest Roundup: Can mid-majors make Final Four push?

    VCU all over this article. On the same page, they should have insert VCU here instead...
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    Robbie Hummel from Purdue playing in Spain on the same team as former VCU great Bernard Hopkins Good to see Bernard still playing and at a high level.
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    Washington Redskins
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    Recruiting: Post Final 4

    Article from Rivals about how Butler and VCU are doing in recruiting after their Final Four success. It mentions GMU and Copes, but he wasn't recruited by GMU. Instead, Cope's uncle was "recruited" knowing that Copes wanted to play for his uncle and he was just let go at GW...
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    There's only one VCU

    Love all the attention VCU is getting. Who's the next VCU?............VCU ... =hp_t11_a0
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    SI: Darius

    Article on Darius today on SI: ... =cb_t11_a0
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    Tony Parker will play for ASVEL

    Looks like Jamie will get to play with Tony Parker this year on ASVEL as long as there is a lockout. ... rench-team
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    Jamal's buzzer beater

    Great clip of Jamal getting redemption after missing 2 critical free throws. ... oges-.html
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    Jamie Skeen leads All Giant Killers Team

    Does anyone have an Insider subscription to get the full article? ... %3d6286452
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    Charles Barkley's interview

    Barkley is hilarious. Appreciate all he has done to continue to support VCU and bring money to the program. ... inal-four/
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    Condolences to Shaka

    Just heard that Shaka's grandfather passed away. Condolences to Shaka and his family. ... ar-935593/